A Troop, 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry 25th ID - Vietnam

Honoring our Fallen Warriors Brick by Brick
Last Updated on: Saturday, April 04, 2020 04:41:32 PM

     Though your generosity all of our 89 fallen troopers have been honored with a memorial brick at the Schofield Barracks Memorial Monument. A special thanks to each of you who made this possible. Recently ordered bricks will be installed early next year.  You can view a video of the memorial at the 25th ID Memorial Fund website.  You can also order a commemorative brick for yourself or others.  Download the order form for the bricks at this link.
 Note: Select the {view} link to see the memorial brick.
SGT Rafeal Torres-Rivera 4/23/65 (Shotgun Program) {view} PFC Lorenzo Maulden 7/26/66 {view}
PFC Hugh Merrill 3/8/66 {view}
PFC Theodore Bradshaw 5/21/66 {view} SSG James Joslyn 10/15/66 {view}
SP4 Kenneth Shrum 10/15/66 {view} MSG Charles Vanover 5/6/89 {view} PFC James Wymer 12/15/66 {view}
PFC Donald White  3/5/67 {view} SGT Walter Blalock 3/6/67 {view} SP4 John Carmack 5/12/67 {view}
PFC Raymond Gibbs 5/12/67 {view} SGT Clarence Husk 5/12/67 {view} PFC Ervil Bray 7/29/67 {view}
SSG Charles Roland 7/29/67 {view} SGT Ronald McIlravy 7/29/67 {view} CPT Earle Drake 8/6/67 {view}
CPL Francis Amoroso 9/3/67 {view} PFC Freddie Keeley 10/24/67 {view} SGT Donald Brown 1/12/68 {view}
SP4 Gene Kosel 1/20/68 {view} SP4 Robert Swalley 1/20/68 {view} PFC James Parham 1/20/68 {view}
CPL Gary Elia 1/20/68 {view} PFC John Esten 1/20/68 {view} PFC Leo Michaud 1/20/68 {view}
SP4 John Moore 1/20/68 {view} SGT Andy Garnica 1/20/68 {view} SGT David Klippel 1/23/68 {view}
PFC Harrison Allen Jr 2/7/91 {view} SSG Leonel Buentello 2/14/68 {view} SSG Luther Page Jr 2/14/68 {view}
SSG Thomas Johnson 2/14/68 {view} SSG Vernon Tscherter 2/14/68 {view} SGT Charles Penney 2/14/68 {view}
SSG Donald Lloyd 2/14/68 {view} SP4 William Conley 2/21/68 {view} SSG James Brown 2/21/68 {view}
SSG David Ray 3/6/68 {view} PFC Rockford Everett 4/12/68 {view} PFC Thomas McVay 4/12/68 {view}
PFC Arthur C Tijerina 5/10/68 {view} SP5 Frederick Taylor 5/15/68 {view} PFC Steven Rugar 5/15/68 {view}
PFC Ollie Sauls 5/27/68 {view} SP4 Eugene Hilton Jr 6/3/68 {view} 1SG John Veara 8/19/68 {view}
SGT Terry Hodges 8/19/68 {view} SGT Dwayne Kever 8/19/68 {view} PFC Leonard Sexton 8/19/68 {view}
SP4 Roy Harbaugh 8/19/68 {view} SP4 Alvin Langford 8/19/68 {view} PFC Paul Parker 8/22/68 {view}
PFC Gilbert King 8/22/68 {view} PFC Robert Sanders 8/22/68 {view} SGT David Rasmussen 8/24/68 {view}
SP4 Lewis King 8/24/68 {view} SP4 Raymond Spinler 8/24/68 {view} PFC James Griffen Jr 8/24/68 {view}
PFC Peter Kovach 8/24/68 {view} SP5 Ronald Hack 9/10/68 {view} PFC Adolph Hamm 9/22/68 {view}
PFC Merrel Sarvela 9/22/68 {view} PFC Richard Caputo 9/22/68 {view} SP4 Ronald Neal 1/17/69 {view}
1LT Charles Ayres 1/17/69 {view} SGT James Feeney 2/2/69 {view} PFC Alan Ramsey 2/2/69 {view}
PFC Clarence McKinnon 2/2/69 {view} SSG Gernot Bender 3/25/69 {view} SGT Michael Poggi 3/28/69 {view}
PFC George Browning 2/28/69 {view} SGT Thomas Robertson 4/12/69 {view} CPL Milford Wensel 6/5/69 {view}
SGT Alton Phillips 6/15/69 {view} SSG Richard Dornellas 1/27/70 {view} PFC Gary Hobbs 1/27/70 {view}
CPL John Rick 3/23/70 {view} SGT Melvin Wink 6/1/70 {view} SP4 John Maloney 6/10/70 {view}
1LT Edwin Winter 6/10/70 {view} SGT Shojiro Yamashita 6/10/70 {view} CPL Marion Andler 6/10/70 {view}
CPL James Davis 6/10/70 {view} SGT Jerry Carver 6/26/70 {view} SSG Bruce Tindall 8/24/70 {view}
CPL Randy Brackin 9/1/70 {view} PFC Dennis Jensen 3/5/67 {view} SGT Nery Brenes 1/23/68 {no photo}
Note: Select the {view} link to see the memorial brick.