A Troop, 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry 25th ID - Vietnam

  Trooper Profiles at the Army Together We Served Website
Last Updated on: Saturday, March 03, 2018 11:19:27 AM

     Some of our fellow troopers have created a personal profile page on the TogetherWeServed.com website.  You can create a page and share your military experiences & photos there.  If you have a TWS Profile Page we will link to it here.   If you want to be invited to a free trial membership to TWS contact David Olsen, John Moore, or Richard Bradley. You can also join at TogetherWeServed.com. If you need help with your profile contact one of us. Thanks!

     Note: TWS Members need to set their Shadowbox setting to public for us to link to their profile. Only members of TWS can view a private profile.
A Troopers with personal pages at TWS
Richard Bradley
Arthur Bonevich
Dave Cox
Chamlers McElroy
Barry Rummell
Charles Salas
Anthony Trifiletti
John Webb
John Dollard

Andrew Crane
John R. Moore
Rodney Nishimura
David Olsen
Allen Slocum
Warren Yeagley
Danny Boylan
Lonnie Dotson
William Marthers
Sammy McDougald
Joseph O'Rourke

Pages for former Squadron Commanders, Division Commanders & Deceased Members
Ronald Giles
Col Hendry, SCO
Col Troy - SCO
Maj Art Ryan
MG Weyand - CG
Col Stenehjem, SCO
Col Webb, SCO
MG Mearns - CG
1SG Barney
CSM Duggins
SGT Carroll Hawley
1SG Sam Jenkins
Col McGowan, SCO
General Otis, SCO
MG Williamson - CG
Doug Clapp
Danny Edwards
George Linkins
Richard Niehaus
Jose "Joe" Reynoso
Wayne Van Horn

Tribute Page to MG Ranald Slidell Mackenzie
Col Mackenzie, Regimental Cdr 1870-1882
Memorial pages at TWS for our Vietnam Casualties
Rafael Torres-Rivera
Hugh Merrill
Theodore Bradshaw
Lorenzo Maulden
James Joslyn
Kenneth Shrum
Charles Vanover Sr
James Wymer
John Barovetto
Donald White
Walter Blalock
John Carmack
Raymond Gibbs
Clarence Husk
Ervil Bray
Charles Roland
Ronald McIlravy
Earle Drake
Francis Amoroso
Freddie Keeley
Donald Brown
Gene Kosel
Robert Swalley
James Parham
Gary Elia
John Esten
Leo Michaud
John J. Moore
Andy Garnica
David Klippel
Nery Brenes
Harrison Allen Jr.
Leonel Buentello
Luther Page Jr.
Thomas Johnson
Vernon Tscherter
Charles Penney
Donald Lloyd
William Conley
James Brown
David Ray
Rockford Everett
Thomas McVay
Arthur Tijerina
Frederick Taylor
Steven Rugar
Ollie Sauls Jr.
Eugene Hilton Jr.
John Veara
Terry Hodges
Dwayne Kever
Leonard Sexton
Roy Harbaugh
Alvin Langford
Paul Parker
Gilbert King
Robert Sanders
David Rasmussen
Lewis King
Raymond Spinler
James Griffin Jr.
Peter Kovach
Ronald Hack
Adolph Hamm Jr.
Merrel Sarvela
Richard Caputo
Billy Disheroon
Ronald Neal
Charles Ayres
James Feeney
Alan Ramsey
Clarence McKinnon
Gernot Bender
Michael Poggi
George Browning
Thomas Robertson
Milford Wensel
Alton Phillips
Michael Cassidy
Larry Curttright
John Dobash
Larry Vallelonga

Richard Dornellas
Gary Hobbs
John Rick
Melvin Wink
John Maloney Jr.
Edwin Winter
Shojiro Yamashita
Marion Andler
James Davis
Jerry Carver
Bruce Tindall
Randy Brackin