A Troop, 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry 25th ID - Vietnam

Timeline: Vietnam Winter Spring 1970,
1 Nov 69 to 30 Apr 70

Last Updated on: Wednesday, August 28, 2013 08:02:26 AM

     We are building timelines for the Troop's service in Vietnam. If you have award citations, SITREP's, AAR's or other documents, they can provide dates that can add to the timelines.  David Olsen, A18 Oct 68 to Oct 69, is our volunteer coordinator for the Winter-Spring 1970 timeline. 
     Note 1: Entries that include an exact time or grid coordinates have been extracted from offical documents.  If no time is provided it is a recollection from a unit member.

Note 2: Email David Olsen or the website to provide additions or corrections for this timeline.

Nov 7
- Night road lagger tank hits mine.
Nov 14
- A39 back as mortar track to NDP in Bo Loi woods fired 8 rounds illum.
Nov 16
- 2nd platoon finds large weapons cache 51 cal mg 2 60 mm mortars  portable mgs
A hoi chanh (rallier) who told interpreters he was the last surviving member of his Viet Cong unit led elements of Alpha Troop, 3d Squadron, 4th Cavalry to a large weapons cache 12 miles northwest of Cu Chi.
The hoi chanh said the weapons had been buried in the same place for over a year, and were to have been used for replacements from the north who never came.
Captain L. Kirkland Alford was commander of Alpha Troop.  Upon reaching the area, the hoi chanh pointed to what appeared to be three fighting positions, approximately six feet apart, forming an L-shape.  The weapons were hidden under the area connecting the fighting positions.  Once the first traces of the cache were found, it seemed as if everyone who could find a shovel started to dig.  All of the weapons that were found, except for the wheeled mounts, were lubricated in grease and wrapped in plastic, all in perfect firing condition.
After six hours of digging, the total haul of enemy weapons for the day included two complete 60mm mortars, 17 Chicom carbine rifles, five heavy machine guns, five lightweight machine guns, three German Mausers, seven wheel cartridges for heavy machine guns, 41 cases of .30 caliber spent ammunition and one unidentified rifle. (See Tropic Lightning News 1 Dec 69)
Nov 17
- NDP attacked, fired 4 Illum rounds. Gunships & arty called in.
- (Tropic Lightning 17 Nov 69) NEED DATE?  Might be late Oct) Three-company Warrior ambush north of Fire Support Base Pershing recently netted 26 enemy killed and led to discovery of a large cache of enemy weapons and equipment. The action also resulted in destruction of a much-used R&R center for enemy troops based in the Boi Loi and Ho Bo Woods. 18:30 the airlifting of the Warriors’ Alfa and Charlie Companies to a 3d Squadron, 4th Cavalry night laager site located along Highway 6-A north of Pershing. At darkness the two Warrior companies moved to ambush positions north and west of the suspected location of an enemy encampment in a nearby village. Bravo Company left Pershing to set up ambushes east and south of the targeted area. With A and C in position, Bravo approached the village and spotted several enemy and they saw us and opened up.  We returned fire Enemy soldiers started running out of the hootches when the shooting started and headed for the safety of open fields where they were met there by Alpha, then Charlie Company Warriors. Alfa blew their ambush and the NVA did an about face and headed our way. The enemy soldiers were running everywhere.  While this was taking place, gunships began backing up the infantrymen as the light of parachute flares illuminated the scene. At one point the enemy wasn’t more than 50 meters from the ambush locations.  They were moving along and were all loaded down with weapons and equipment. At the first light of dawn, the Warriors began a series of several sweeps covering the entire village area. A Vietnamese jumped up yelling, ‘Chieu Hoi! Chieu Hoi!’ A sweep of the area after the action resulted in a tally of 26 enemy killed, two detainees, six AK-47 rifles, two K-54 pistols and an assortment of equipment and clothing.
Nov 19
- Small firefight in Bo Loi woods found 5 NVA Regulars 1 NVA woman KIA
Nov 23
- Bo Loi woods large cement bunker with printing press found. (See Tropic Lightning News 8 Dec 69)
- A Troop, 3d Squadron, 4th Cavalry struck a severe blow to enemy propaganda activities by discovering a 1500-pound printing press and over two tons of pamphlets and paper in the Boi Loi Woods 15 miles northwest of Cu Chi. Three days prior had blown numerous bunkers in the area, but had been unable to check them out thoroughly due to threatening darkness.  Returning to the same place there a huge mound of dirt and a hole next to it that looked like an air vent to a bunker.  We searched the area around it looking for a trap door, but couldn’t find one, so we decided to dig around the air vent.  After digging through dirt, sawing through wood and picking through cement we made it into the hole.  There was enough equipment in there to print a whole newspaper.  Stacked against the walls of the huge six foot high, 30 foot by 40 foot bunker were rows and rows of type, 37 trays in all, a table with bottles of ink and dyes in five gallon cans, stacks of pamphlets, paper, and in the back, the 1500-pound printing press in perfect working order.  All of the printing material was passed except the press.  It was tied to a slick from the 25th Aviation Battalion and pulled out.  Continuing the search of the area the Cavmen found the trap door.  Inside were a paper cutter and almost another ton of paper.
PFC Robert Klinger passes a stack of enemy propaganda pamphlets to Staff Sergeant Kermit Garrett The pamphlets were found along with a printing press by Alfa Troop, 3d Squadron, 4th Cavalry.  Specialist 5 John Striven delicately balances himself while waiting to receive another tray of type from the hole. (Tropic Lighning News photos)   Butch Lingafelter receives printing press at Cu Chi airfield. (photo 2)
Nov 27
- THANKSGIVING in Bo Loi Woods.
Nov 29
- Bo Loi wood find bunker & tunnels unoccupied.

Dec 1
2230    A Trp departed NDP 0800. Counted mounted recon XT550334, 526322, 546336, 526334, 558333,
          530334. At 1545 A Troop closed NDP
Dec 2
1100    A Trp 2nd 3rd fresh bunkers 4’x3’ 1 tunnel pots with water and live fresh fish XT 572305  1st finding
          bunkers blowing in place, no recent activity.
1120    Request AO Firebird for flamebath XT545350, XT540349, 540355, 550355, 550353, 031200-031600
          approved CG 10 XT561300, 30579304 20 572305
1320    Urgent dust off for A Trp
1324    Dust off at 578302 individual suffering from smoke inhalation.
1324    Flame Bath not on station at 1310 hrs
1328    Dust Off Complete 25th MED
1339    Flame Bath called off due to mech difficulties
1624    A Trp 20 Spot Report (572306)
1630    A Trp enroute to NDP
1705    A Trp closed on NDP
Dec 3
A Trp 0750 Kick-off. Conducted mounted recon AT568301, 561302, 575301, 575300, 578298,
          570302, 577296, 575297, 568302. 1841 Closed NDP.
0750    A Trp Kick-off
0915    A Trp 1st XT568301, 2nd XT561302, 3rd N.L.
1005     A Trp 1st XT568301, 2nd XT56730, 3rd Bridge
1115    A Trp 1st XT575300 found 3 AK47 in bunker. Blowing bunker, also 500 lbs bomb Blowing it.
1156    A Trp 1st XT578298
1222    A Trp 10 Breaking Class I, XT578298
1224    A Trp has 3/4 slicks flying over Location A Trp Going to Blow 500lbs Bomb
1630    A Trp has Indiv w/high Temp.-Going to Cu Chi on Resupply Chopper
1636    A Trp A10 & A20 XT575297
1841    A Trp Closed NDP.   
1930    A Trp 3rd Plt Closed NDP.
2006    Trang Bang Operation for tonight to Bde
2050    A Trp Inf popped ambush XT556332 – Receiving Fire, 4 ambulatory WIA, US Personal
2052    Request For LFT  & Flareship DH 20 ETA
2100    DH 20 – On station
2108    Request Dustoff for 5 Ambulatory US Personal Frag Wounds
2114    Arty: Gave Clearence for VN to fire in XT573307 – DH
2119    IFR Approved unitil 1800 4 Nov   
2130    Dustoff  78 On Station
2132    Request for Light Fire Team & Flareship For AP#3
2200    Centure 46 Light Fire Team & Hawk 02 On Station   
2201    Late entry Dustoff complete 2135
2201    Update on contact AP Took 10 Personal under fire From their Location 300degree azimuth. Took
          return AK fire & Hand Grenades.
Dec 4
          A Troop conducted mounted recon. XT556314, 546323, 56323, 558326, 556332, 567317, 54932754,
          567317, 552330, 1525 Closed NDP
0001    Commo  check with BDE & Rear TOC
0105    A Trp Rabbit Ears Picked Up Mov 260 Meters and Them 170 Meters away at a 60 degree AZ
0915    A Trp 1st 300M from N.L. 2nd bridge side 3rd XT556314
1035    A Trp 2nd Area of Contact Last Night XT556332 Ho Chi Minh Sandle with blood and one empty
          medical  bag
1120    A Trp 1st 2 POW’s 1 AK47, Rice, Documents, Med Supply, Grid XT549327 in open Stream Hidden in
1413    A Trp found another AK47 & an RPG 2 launcher PW’s lea them to it XT552330
1442    A Trp 30 XT567316 – Requested a Ship for 1 PW TM & PW’s
1525    A Trp Closed NDP
Dec 5
          (Missing Pages:  1, 3, & 4 of staff journal) A Troop 0900 Departed FSB.  Conducted mounted Recon.
          XT562308, 545305,566317,555305,565318,552306, 1525 Closed NDP.
0935    1/5 Request Extension on AO Joan 06700-061800 Spproved AWK
0940    Submitted AO Black 050800-061800 XT524295,523308, 503324, 492317, 491310, 494303
1000    AO Stream Cancelled
1005    A Trp 1st XT562308 2nd NL 3rd XT545305
1015    A Trp 3rd Plt. X545305 Found Tunnel Complex 5x5x8 200 lbs Rice 5lb Salt 5 gal Cooking oil G.I.
          Canteen 4 AK Mag. 1 Stove, Soap.  Blew in Place
1145    A Trp 2st XT566317, 2ND NL, 3RD XT555305 C Trp 3rd xt418250 10TH Cav (1)XT396300
1245    A Trp 10 XT565318, 30 XT552306; C Trp Same, 10th Cav XT390300 & 396305
1305    Requested urgent Dustoff for Indiv (A Trp); Shot Himself in Foot During Testfire of M-16 XT552306
           – C&C Dusting Indiv Off
1313    Dustoff Complete 12th Evac.
1320    Change to Nite Activ – AP#1 XT562324
1327    Requested Urgent Dustoff For 3 Litter & 1 Ambul.  (10 Cav) at XT396298 – Booby Trap
1329    Dustoff #153 ETA 10 -15
Dec 6
          (Missing Pages: 1 & 4 of staff journal) A Troop Departed NDP 0800.  Conducted mounted recon.
          XT547318,549328,546336,543342,536336,544334,538336.  1620 Closed NDP.
1016    XT547337 Mini Cav Engaged Uncoverd Camouflage Hootch Insert at 1030
1016    A Trp 2nd & 3rd XT549328 C Trp 30 XT486250
1035    Aero Rifles Inserted XT547340
1115    Mini-Cav Found Hut with Tin on Roof, Old Bunkers U.S. Ropes seemed to be Booby Traped.  Fresh
          well Crushed, NVA Field Dressing 1 Week Old
1130    Aero Rifles Extracted At 1115 Now at Bridge Site
1145    XT524313, 537310, Recent Trail Acivity 2 Persons in last 24 Hrs. Mini-Cav.
1200    Mini – Cav Released
1227    A Trp 30 At XT546336 Breaking for Chow
1240    Ships coming in to pick up Plt of2/12 & Dropping off another Elem.
1246    Ships Going To Boi Loi & Will Return to Pick up 2/12 Elem at Hampton
1440    Requested Urgent Dustoff XT471257 Track Hit Mine.  TC36 Dotson & driver
1444    C&C Ship will dust off Indiv-cancelled Dustoff
1450    Dustoff Complete – 12th Evac
1503    Mine was 40lb Plastic Pressure Det. PC Combat Loss Had Belly Armor
1527    A Trp 20 XT544334; 30 XT538336
2103    Dustoff 07 From Dau Tien ETA 10 – 15
2115    Dust off Complete ARVN Cav & Trang Bang Operations to Bde
2345    AO Boundary – North- South 5658 East- West 275
7 Dec    
          (Missing Pages:  1, 3 & 4 of staff journal) A Troop Cu Chi Base Camp conduct maintenance stand
          down for future operations.
0910    AVLB Will Stay At Hardspot.  AULB w/crew will Come From Cu Chi Road Open Just 1 Click N. of
          FSB Pershing
0915    XT528269 Muleskinner Claims Two Trips Not Ready Alfred Says HE on 6 Second Trip.
0930    A Trp Will Have All Trains out Themselves
0950    A Trp Moveing South; Will Hold North of CP 139 Off Road To Let C Trp Pass
1120    Tango Touchdown At Brdige Site
1145    AVLB’s Released From Pershing Informed S-3 TOC Per. Bridgade Informed Us We Must Post T1.  19
          08 Dec For Dau Tieng Convoy
1155    A Trp 140, C Trp 2nd XT498228 3rd Bridge Site- Pershing B Trp Hampton
1210    A Trp CP 145
1215    A Trp CP 147
1222    A Trp CP 149
1230    A Trp CP 150
1236    A Trp Off Push in Cu Chi For Stand Down
Dec 8
          (Missing Pages:  1, 2, 3 & 4 of staff journal) A Troop Cu Chi Base Camp; conduct maintenance and
          refitting for future operations.
1918    Request for AO Sabre 090700-091800; 0900700 091800 XT560287-560275,571275,573281 to Bde
1922    Requst for AO by 10Cav AO Sherman 100800 – 101800 10 Cav. – XT500194, 527227, 560210,
2125    10 Cav AP’s XT544310, 541304, 544316.
2312    636RF Co Might be able to go on tomorrows mission.  Given mission by their higher.
2331    Ranger mission out for tomorrow
2340    Trang Bang Reports receiving 82 mm mortars & small arms fire.
Dec 9 
          (Missing Report Pages: 1, 3 & 5 of staff journal) A Troop Cu Chi Base Camp.  Conduct maintenance
          and refitting for future operations.
1115    Requested air strike for 10 Dec 0845 Loads 750 Delay & NaPalm Grid XT571311, 574294.
1315    Diamond Head 10 Enroute – (LFT)
1610    Diamond Head 50 taking fire Requested another LFT
1614    Diamond Head 50 Returning to rearm & refuel
1618    Issue 01 on station
1625    Diamond Head 10 enroute
1628    Diamond Head 10 LFT on station
1647    Trang Bang operations tomorrow: AO Edna 163 1495185, 525185, 525155, 495155 FM 100600 to 1400    Also 619 RF & 10th Cav 501194, 520230, 560230, 854177
1658    Requested extension AO Saber til 101800 also gave update to Bde.
1700    Maj Kremer gave coord clear to Trang Bang AOs also cleared area South of 23 grid, North of Hwy 1
          West of stream thru Bao Me & East of 500m East of 6A
1701    Received Trang Bang AP’s
Dec 10  
          (Missing Pages 2, 3, & 4 of staff journal) A Trp at Cu Chi Base Camp for maintenance stand down.
          B Trp (-) at FSB Hampton.  1 Plt at FSB Pershing.  At 0634 hrs departed FSB to clear MSR.  AT 0715
          reported all roads cleared.  Conducted Mounted Recon XT441254, XT438252, XT436252, XT445245,
          XT560246, XT452250, and returned to FSB Hampton.
0035    AO Request from Bde for the 2/12, AO Hunter 110700 to 111800 XT498204,498200, 507200 North
           along the stream back to their AO Boundary
0530    Corrected Grids for AO Sherman coordinated with Bde and 10th Cav LNO XT539209, 554213,
          559210, 536180,502190,528226
0615    Maj. Kremer informed 10th ARVN Cav that the reason they couldn’t operate at point 35,36 is that
          there are friendlys there (2/12 would not release area.)
Dec  11

          (Missing Pages:  1 of staff journal) A Troop:  Departed Cu Chi Base Camp after Maintenance stand
          down 1300 Hrs.  Closed NDP XT528327.
1005    Tango 48’s XT553317.  5633-3 Sheriff out of 44Q
1015    Request AO Bit 120900-1518/00 XT570300, 610300 North of River
1020    Gull 760 2 VC in Bunker
1130    Bravo readings XT521332, 532331,520342, 523340, 538449, Neg Alpha, Neg visual contact
1155    XT548317 Trap door 1 AK 47, 1 Plastic Bag, N NVA Shovel, 7 holes 2.2.5 sleeping position, cooking
          pot, fishcans, signs of recent activity (last 24 Hrs.)
1305    A Trp CP 150-Request use of 6A
1315    A Trp cleared CP 149
1325    A Trp cleared CP 147
1328    A Trp CP 145-Received permission to use 6A
1337    A Trp cleared CP 140
1418    2/12 Request AO John FM 130800 to 1800 XT 526213 to 514189 to 501193 to 504200 to 498200 to
          498204 to 500240
1440    A Trp approaching Bridge Site (XT546314)
1540    A Trp 10 & 30 in NDP XT528327; B Trp 20 CP 140 30 XT471259 – C Trp 10 XT562305
1558    Dustoffs not result of jeep accident; Was a shoot out in Go Dau Ha
1648    A Trp 20 on 5A near Bridge Site
1656    A Trp closed NDP; B Trp 30 XT478256
1658    Received Trang Bang AP’s & 1 AO XT525154 to 490154 to 490184 to 524184 FM 120800 to 1600
1712    Coord. Clear for Trang Bang AO Betty
1720    Centaur 44 VR in XT5335
1728    Centaur 44 Released
1747    Mini Cav inserted XT460262
1753    11 ARVNs from 10th Cav seriously wounded in Go Dau Ha shoot-out- 1 Killed 1 RF & 2 ARVN MPs WIA’s
1810    MiniCav out XT460262 Neg. Finding
1914    Dustoff 152 ETA 04
2000    Request clearance for flame baths at 0930 Hrs XT510210.  12 Dec From Trang Bang
Dec 12
          (Missing Pages:  1, 2 & 4 of staff journal) A Troop:  Departed NDP 120800hrs.  Conducted mounted
          recon.  XT521330,532330,516326,517327,543310,515326,516339,522272,514325,516335, Closed
          NDP 121715. Operating in the Donut area of the Bo Loi Woods.
1400    A Trp 1st XT5163335 250 lb. bomb. BIP.
1440    Centaur 46 on station searching area with loch.
1507    Mini-Cav inserted XT472245
1545    Mini-Cav extracted 3 bunkers concrete 8x6 1 ½ ft overhead covering.  Destroyed.
1650    Dustoff requested for G&S XT456266 1 urgent litter run Shot in stomach
1655    Request AO Karen 130800-131800 XT560270, 560287,570270,573282.
1658    Dustoff 155 ETA 15-20 Min.
1709    Dustoff complete to 12th Evac.
1715     A Trp closed NDP site XT528326
1752    Centaur 41 & Mini Cav dropped off 1 Detainee & leaving our AO
1755    Detainee acted suspicious- Picked up XT428264
1808    Detainee Released
1815    LT. Norrie gave coord clear in XT552292 for Centaur 41 & Mini Cav to engage bunker & tunnels.
Dec 13
          (Missing Pages:  1, 5 & 6 of staff journal) A Troop:  At 0800 Dec, departed NDP.  Conducted mounted recon, XT511311,509310,512308,494314,496308.  At 1635 Closed NDP.
0905    Request flame bath XT510211 1300 Hrs.  Neg political clearance.
0955    Slick ETA 05 for Ranger pick-up to A Trp
1145    A Trp 10 bodies XT511311 Buried 1 in bushes
1205    Request C&C for minihonie 1245-1345
1220    Centaur 15 ETA 10
1310    Little Bear 11 on station
1330    Accident reported tank sideswiped 2  ½ , 4 ARVNS kilo 6 wounded at 1025 3 ½ clicks East Devens
1400    Dust off XT560323 2 Run litter priority little Bear 11 on station.
1405    Mini-Cav inserted XT444244 gave our clearance
1406    Co-ordinating clearance for XT51662240 fired by Devens by air
1445    Called dust-off Bde 2 priority 1 Kilo XT510213 Dust-off Centaur 15 complete 1 WIA.
1446    Centaur 51 recon. by fire in tunnel 1 person hiding XT452248
1447    Centaur 15 back on station enroute to B Trp for 2 WIA.
1455    Dust-off 144 picked up Kilo.
1458    Names of wounded WIA (1) Morgan (2) Faneis, David (3) Dowling, Sam.  KIA Cheatham, James
1515    Requested 2 urgent litter dustoff for 1 ARVN & 1 dog-Booby Trap- XT474253 also 1 ARVN not
          seriously injured contact Meal 19Y on Sqdn push
1518    Mini Cav extracted XT452248
1540    A Trp 10 & 30 enroute to NDP- ATrp 30 found  fresh bodies at XT496308 – seemed to be killed by
Dec 14
          (Missing Pages:  1, 4 of staff journal) A Troop:  At 14900 Departed NDP.  Conducted mounted
          recon.  XT53514,528307,522303,539313,522303,532303,539315,534315,535308,536301,526311.  At
          141636 Closed in NDP.
0835    3rd A/2/12 Arrived here
0900    Grid XT5930 South of creek 4 NVA 1 KIA engaged by 2/12 gunship informed C Trp of location
0950    Dust off 2 US priority ambulatory.  Centaur 10 on station.
1000    Dustoff complete
1047    A Trp 1st XT539313 2nd XT522303 3rd XT532303
1130    A Trp 1st XT539315, 2nd XT534315, 3rd XT532303
1250    XT442309 RF Trang Bang Company found 200 82mm rounds, 18 75RR, 25 Box AK47, 35 AK47 rounds,
          25 105 shells converted into mines & booby traps
1345    XT587308 found & destroyed bunker 2.2.3 & 1 sandbag of rice.
1415    A Trp 1st XT535308 2nd XT536301 3rd XT526311
1603    According to Trang Bang LNO the 43 PF were operating in their area when they found cache at
1636    A Trp closed NDP
2032    Ranger team 13 at XT514309
Dec 15
          (Missing Pages:  1, 2 & 5 of staff journal) A Troop:  At 1000 departed NDP.  Conducted mounted
          recon.  XT563296,568290,567305,579286,573303,574301,  At 1652 closed NDP XT567305.
1110    Centaur 17 found 2 dead bodies XT571289 also found trail activity XT567282 heavy parallel to
          stream to East Ho Chi Minh 15-20 person to a burned village to the West.  Got credit for 2 Body
1130    A Trp XT563296
1133    Requested C&C for 10 Cav 17 Dec 1300-1400
1135    UTR meet sweep team pushing North
1310    Co-ord clearance XT485260 two VC in open 2/12
1355    A Trp found smoking mortar round in open field.  Blew in Place.  XT568290
1608    A Trp 30 found 1 AK47 in a hole-also some medicine & several loaded magazines XT574301
2315    100 VC weren’t spotted by an RF AP-VC entered at village at XT446305-after VC moved out,
          villagers reported them to RFs who reported to 10th Cav-VC entered at 2100 & left village at 2130
2326    A,B,andC Trps Neg Sitrep
2350    Change to A Trps Opn tomorrow 1st Plt search XT578302 (center of mass) 20 XT575295 (center of
          mass) & 30 XT567298 (center of mass)
Dec 16
          (Missing Pages:  1, 2 of staff journal) A Troop:  At 0800 Departed NDP.  Conducted mounted recon.
          At 1749 Closed in NDP.
1235    Request dustoff 25Q XT541316 routine ambulatory 102 (degree) Temp.
1240    Dust-off 73 ETA 10-15
1305    Dozer 40lbs mines 2 men injured XT523205
1310    A Trp 10 XT564296, 20 XT576306, 30 XT577294
1520    Centaur 10 on station
1530    Centaur 46 check 493 for 100 VC Neg findings released
1535    A Trp 10 XT569295 1 VC in hole firing small arms
1608    A Trp 10 3 BC at XT568297
1630    A Trp 20 enroute NDP
1808    Capt. Norrie gave coord clear in XT487310,490310,&493311 for Bao Don Arty
2021    A Trp had Trip flare go off & had sighting at 250 (degree) AZ-Request nighthawk
2024    Trang Bang receiving incoming-returning fire
2028    Nite Hawk ETA 05 min.
2036    Hawk 01 enroute to A Trp NL
2039    Hawk 01 on station
2043    Trang Bang not receiving any fire took 8 rds & SM/arms
2056    Hawk 01 released-Neg findings
2150    Requested convoy clear for A Trp movement to AO Thunderbolt
2242    Received Red Haze readings- XT551306,549309,546314,531317,&534324-All fireds in woods or rice fields.
2340    Received Yellow Jacket 1470-unident.  Enemy element w/in 400 meters of XT576301- Late even.
          Report 16 Dec action to be taken.
2343    A Trp will have an elem sweep area of Yellow Jacket tomorrow A.M.
2350    Coord w/w/ww on A Trps movement from C 138 to AO Thunderbolt.
Dec 17
         (Missing Pages:  1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 of staff journal) A Troop:  At 0800 Departed NDP.  Conducted mounted recon.  XT5242275,488204,466379,473377,490356,480360, Closed in NDP.
Dec 18
          (Missing Pages:  2, 3, 4 & 6 of staff journal) A Troop:  At 0745, Departed NDP.  Conducted mounted
          recon.  XT511346,500353,512338,502353,503348,  At 1736, Closed NDP.
0030    A Trp Neg Sitrep
0230    A&C Trp Neg Sitrep
0255    A Trp receiving mortars
0258    Light fire team moving to A Trp location ETA 10
0305    A Trp received 2 mortar rounds at a 300 (degree) AZ From the woodline, now engaging with Arty.
          Neg incoming now, Neg casualties.
0315    Yellow Jacket-1478, Enemy forces with in 500 meters XT502359; 180001 to 180300, Action to be taken.  Yellow Jacket enemy forces within 500 meters of XT497354 13 Dec.
0339    A Trp report the incoming they received was not mortar but they were RPG’s fired about 100 meters
          out and landed about 25 meters away from their vehicles.
0348    Light fire team now leaving A Trp location to XT502359,497354 to check out Yellow Jackets.  Neg
0400    All Elem Neg Sitrep
1634    A Trp spot report XT500353 (Tunnel)
1655    Received AO request Sniff 151 190800 to 1700 XT493175 to 624063 1K. Also requested permission
          to return fire if fired upon
1716    AO Sniff cleared  AWK
1736    A Trp Closed NDP.
Dec 19
          (Missing Pages:  2 & 6 of staff journal) A Troop:  AT 0907, kickoff.  Conducted mounted recon.
          XT489338,497338,484337,496335,495334,488343,493346,495334,485345,495334.  At 1724, Closed
          in NDP.
0100    All Elem Neg Sitrep
0132    A Trp trip flare went off recon the area by fire.  Neg sightings at this time.  260 (degree) AZ 50M out
0235    A Trp Neg Sitrep
1043    A Trp 10 XT484337 x0&30 XT496335
1132    A Trp 20 XT495334 found 6 bunkers 10x10 thick overhead covering, maps, papers, wire, blasting
          caps, ammo for carbine, 2A-2 mortar rounds.  Blowing in place.
1225    A Trp 10 XT488343 breaking for class I
1305    Received clearance from 2/22 for A Trp 27 to be escorted into A Trp NDP site same route taken by
          troop going in GN
1319    Passed APs fo C 2/12 1st & 2nd Plts to action
1330    Request AO Charger 200800-211800 request 25 F for tropp insertion and request 1FR & 1F for troop
          support, no troops will enter 1FR and 1F.
1345    Co-ord clearance given for Arty XT484305, 481308. Neg clearance XT505346 GN
1350    XT521323 A reading VR Neg site XT521310 VR trail activity South-East- North-West 24hrs.
1355    A Trp 10 XT493346
1407    A Trp reported Arty impact XT4933or4833 moving closer.
1418    Go Dau Ha has two AP’s guarding rice harvest at #1 XT395215, #2 XT400220
1430    Infomred Trang Bang of Go Dau Ha’s AP’s
1447    A Trp XT495334, Blowing 250lb. Bomb
1511    A Trp 20 found 300lbs of rice in 100 lb bags in perfect conditions will load and take to NDP Buried in
          a bomb crater XT485345
1548    A Trp 10 moving to Phase II B Trp XT595305
1601    A Trjp at XT495334 found a total of 14 bunkers 8x10x6 2 kitchens, 2 wells 30 ft. deep 3ft.  4 ft
          overhead covering.  A Trp 30 found 50 cans live fish, 2 Chi Com gas masks at same location
2130    All Trps Neg Sitrep
Dec 20
          (Missing Pages: 1 of staff journal)
A Troop:  At 0900 Departed NDP.  Conducted mounted recon.
          XT553306,554307,560324,554308,558330,55310,557311,558309,559308,548317,556308. At 1713
          Closed in NDP.
0803    Mini-Cav laid on for A Trp
0826    Roads clear to CP 140 C 137
0826    Roads clear 138-140
0830    Roads clear CP 138-137 C trp resupply CP 135
0847    CRIP have one male detainee, will bring him in when finished operation.
0851    Roads clear 138-134
0853    2/22 granted permission to bring A Trp 27 in to Boi Loi same route as A Trp went in GC
0855    A Trp informed of clearance from 2/22 for route of 27 vehicles
0900    Sweep team entering Hampton.
0903    Snif Box 0900-1200 XT510320,535320,535357,510360.
0905    Co-ord clearance for issue 17 AS EX477351
0925    A Trp 20&30 left NDP 10 to leave in 05 Min.
1242    A Trp X497298
1315    A Trp at XT495328 Found 14 bunkers 8x8 recent activity in last 12 hours.  3 rocket grenades for K47
          carbine, 7 RPG 2 rounds, RPG 2 launcher parts enough for 1 complete RPG2.  2400 rounds for AK in
          50 cans, 2 hand frags US, AK parts, 1 US M72 Law, rice, 1 VC protective mask good condition.  Fish
          cooked within the last 24 hours.
1406    A Trp XT495328
1540    A Trp at XT495328 Found warhead to 107 rocket, 1 30 cal. Carbine, 1000lb rice, various live fish,
          tomatoes, melons, hammock strung up, camp fires.  Showed signs of activity within last 24 hours
1630    A Trp 200 meters from NDP
1902    MSG from CG-Be extra alert tonight & in early morning hours.
2155    Mini-Cav approved from 211200to1300 for Trang Bang LST for 0900 for A Trp, AS494335 at 0700
Dec 21
          (Missing Pages: 1, 2 of staff journal) A Trp:  conducted Mounted Recon XT522349, XT520355,
1044    Dustoff 15G ETA 1011 US litter urgent track hit mine XT523207
1048    Bde 52 Dustedoff 3 pers. In C&C to 12 evac reported 1 kilo 2 urgent litter 3 urgent ambulatory
1056    Dustoff complete to 12 evac
1101    Spot on dustoff a jeep w/7 pers. 1 kilo, 5 WIA XT515200 approx. 20lb. Might be command detonated
1115    A Trp 10 XT522349 20 XT520355 30 XT515360
1140    A Trp XT520355 3 PW in a hole – Evac FSB.
1235    Dustoff XT535218 1 US urgent litter dustedoff by C&C complete
1305    A Trp 10 XT522349, A Trp 20&30 XT520355
1410    Read out A Trps 3 POW’s 1 wounded in foot 1 malaria the 3rd not known all re patients of hospital
          found 30 cans of medical supplies and old bandages
1530    Informed C Trp & A Trp to go back to old troop.  Push CTrp 64.80 A Trp 35.45.
1540    Vic XT528250 A Trp & B Trp 30 light contact AK47’s
1615    A Trp taking more SM arms-B Trp 30 needs routine dustoff – Head injurty – Dustoff by Bde Co.
1634    Diamondhead released – A Trp sweeing area.
2102    A Trp taking RPGs-Hawk 02 enroute to A Trp
2108    A Trp took 2 or 3 RPGs in
2127    Hawk 02 released
2240    Passed A Trp operations
2307    Passed A Trp opn for 22 Dec; TB APs & opns for 10th Cav APs, & Plan summary for 23 Dec.
Dec 22
          (Missing Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4 of staff journal) A Troop:  At 0925, Departed NDP.  Conducted mounted
          recon.  XT518352,521354,517353,532348,520348,532348.  At 1700, Closed in NDP.
2144    A Trp taking RPGs-request Nitehawk
2155    A Trjp requests 1 urgent litter indiv-Frag wound in neck-Also 2 ambulatory
2159    Little Bear 13 (Nitehawk) Enroute
2212    A Trp 2 litter & 3 ambulatory dustoffs Nitehawk not dusting off indiv can wait for Bde Dustoff
2216    ETA Dustoff 05 Min
2220    Dustoff on station
2228    Dustoff complete- Destination Cu Chi
2231    A Trp took a total of 5 RPGs, 3 landing inside perimeter.  340 (degrees) 200 meters
2343    Gave A Trp their Opn
2356    Nitehaw refueling- will be diverted
2311    Little Bear released
Dec 23
(Missing Pages:  1, 2, 4, 5 of staff journal) A Troop:  At 0900 Departed NDP.  Conductced Mounted
          recon.  XT492323,493339,508338,495326,493322,507321,505325,501331,502322.  At 1625 Closed in
1037    A Trp XT508338
1130    Approved for firing of 1st Bde Gunship between 41 grid & 44 grid w/1000m buffer inside our AO.
1145    Informed A Trp of 10th Cav AO request
1205    33A class I XT525335 A Trp XT496327
1230    A Trp XT495326 5 POW No weapons under a trap door patients had a few hand grenades
1305    Informed A Trp of Push to use 35.45
1415    A Trp 10 XT493322 4 fresh graves appeared to be killed by Arty
1423    Capt. Norrie informed S-4 of Inf Plt to A Trp laid on supply’s
1443    XT4937 cleared for Arty now – till 1800 GN
2150    A Trp received Opn- Maj. Kremer approved 10th Cav Opn & coord w/A Trp complete
2151    10th Cav reacting to Intell from A
2328    Passed 10th Cav & A Trp Opns to Bde
Dec 24
          (Missing Pages: 1, 4 of staff journal) A Troop:  At 0900, Departed NDP.  Conducted mounted recon.
          XT495329,496327,496326,494322.  At 1645 Closed in NL
0919    A Trp XT495329
0945    A Trp XT496327
1041    A Trp XT496327 have 3 NVA 1 dead 2 wounded requested dustoff 2 litter urgent frag wounds to
          head and body.  Also found documents 1 AK & 1 pistol
1053    Dustoff 70 ETA 10-15 from DT
1119    Dustoff 70 complete to Dau Tieng
1205    A Trp XT496326
1323    Compromise of Keylist Day 22-28
1326    Notified A Trp of compromise of Keylist
Dec 25
          (Missing Pages:  1, 2 of staff journal) A Troop:  At 0516, Popped bush on 3 indiv.  Neg casualties.
          At 1700,  closed in NDP. CHRISTMAS in Bo Loi Woods (upper Bo Loi by Donut).
1800    Cease fire is over
1828    A Trp AP departed NL
1843    Passed A Trp their Opn.
1912    A Trp AP in contact
1919    AP engaged 1 indiv-sweeping
1939    AP had Neg findings-going back to NL- will go out later
2026    AP staying in A Trp NDP
2040    S-3 Bde wants A Trp AP to go back out
2200    AP in position XT492349
2240    All dustoffs must have report, name, rank, SSAN, Race, MOS, & extent of injuries.
2330    All Trps Neg Sitrep
Dec 26
         (Missing Pages:  1, 2, 4, 5 of staff journal) A Troop:  At 0900, Departed NDP.  Conducted mounted
          recon.  XT506360,509366,510363,510359,512367,512366,513363,516365,530355,530351,532348.
          At 1730, Closed in NDP.
1130    Issue asked to keep XT505375 open for AS 1215 hrs Napalm & hard bombs
1137    PF Ambush 270400-271500 XT460345-460335, XT480340-480330.
1305    A Trp XT530355
1430    A Trp XT530355
1450    XT530351 A Trp found 2 fresh graves
1500    CEU’s at A Trps location
Dec 27
          (Missing Pages: 1 of staff journal) A Troop:  AT 0900 departed NDP.  Conducted mounted recon.
          XT498369,506354,502377,504353,509369,501334,504366,502329,502330.  At 1643, Closed in NDP.
0932    A Trp 10 XT498369, 20 & 30 XT506354
1050    A Trp 10 XT502377 20&30 XT504353.
1310    A Trp 10 XT509369 20 & 30 XT501334.
1420    A Trp 10 XT504366 20&30 XT502329.
1535    A Trp 20&30 found 6 trap doors, 2 bunkers 10x10 7ft high, 2 bunkers with tunnels.  BIP.  XT502330
1538    A Trp 10 starting Phase II
1606    A Trp 10 Phase II
1643    A Trp closed NDP
1815    A Trp APs left NL
1848    AP#1 popped bush (XT504345)
1905    AP engaged 6 indiv 75m-sweeing AP found blood trails will sweep at 1st light-AP#2 in position-AP#1
          staying in their position
2139    A Trp receiving RPG’s
2145    A Trp not receiving any fire
Dec 28
          (Missing Pages:  1, 2, 3, 4 of staff journal) FSB Wood 3rd platoon hit by friendly fire from 1/8 Arty at
          FSB wood. A Troop:  At 0747, sweeping area of contact.  At 1015, at NDP.  At 1340, enroute to FSB
          Wood.  At 1653, Closed in FSB Wood.
Dec 29
          (Missing Pages:  1, 2, 3, 5, 6 of staff journal) A Troop:  AT 0810, departed NDP.  Conducted
          mounted recon.  XT492404,425305,496404498401,496400,498400499400.  At 1805, closed in FSB
1516    A Trp at XT498400 found old base camp 2 301 bunkers 2 entrances each w/10x10 XT498400.
1645    A Trp XT499400 threw track-holding to fix it
Dec 30
          (Missing Pages:  1, 2, 4, 5, 6 of staff journal) A Troop:  At 0706, departs to begin sweep.  Conducted mounted recon.  XT382412,418437,445420,448413,443417,452417.  At 1718, closed in Wood.
1120    A Trp XT445420 recon by fire
1226    A Trp XT448413 class I
Dec 31 
          (Missing Pages:  1, 2, 5 of staff journal) A Troop:  At 0713 departed to begin road sweep.  At 0908,
          clear from 130-120.  At 0930, roads clear from 138-140.  Conducted mounted recon. XT432430,
          426310, 436414, 430420, 428412.  At 1644, closed in Wood.-
1040    A Trp 10 woods, 20 engineers 30 XT432430
1047    A Trp 20 mine 20-20lb 5 ton truck combat lose XT426310 Neg Casualties
1135    A Trp XT436414
1210    A Trp 30 XT430420 breaking class I
1330    A Trp 30 on the move
1355    A Trp 30 XT428412
1644    A Trp closed Wood
Late Dec/Early Jan  (NEED DATE?) (Tropic Lightning News 16 Feb 70)
Two ARVN units working in the second Brigade’s area of operation in early January and eliminated 20 enemy troops.  The  2nd Company, 1st Battalion, 49th ARVN Infantry, working with the Golden Dragons of the 2nd Battalion, 14th Infantry, in operations to clear the Ho Bo Woods located a large, enemy-held tunnel complex.  Inside the tunnels were seven enemy, who refused a chance to Chieu Hoiand were later killed and their five AK-47’s were captured.  Later that afternoon the ARVN’s came under fire of an estimated platoon-size enemy force.  However, the ARVN’s quickly turned the tables with their withering fire.  The hasty retreat of the enemy was evidenced in the four dead that they left behind. Later in the month, it was an element of the 1st Squadron, 10th ARVN Cavalry, eliminating nine enemy in a one day operation in the Boi Loi Woods.  During a morning sweep the 10th Cav located a tunnel with five stubborn enemy inside who refused to come out.  Well-placed smoke grenades quickly forced the enemy out and netted the ARVN’s five POW’s.  The afternoon half of the operation was equally successful as the ARVN’s stopped four more of the enemy. We spotted an enemy element moving toward us.  First Lieutenant Calbraith Riley, was  the 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry, advisor to the 10th ARVN Cavalry.  There was sure a lot of firepower suddenly going out in the direction of the enemy.  The ARVN force caught the enemy flat-footed and a quick sweep of the area following the contact revealed four dead.
Jan 1, 1970
0716      A Troop departed for road sweep
0845      All roads clear from 138-134, 130-126
0855      All roads clear from 138-140
0903      All roads clear 130-120
1700      A Troop closed in FSB Wood` OP to begin mission conducted mounted recon XT502833,508348
1803      Cease fire over
1835      A Troop CRIP & A troop ambush patrols canceled
2210      A Troop neg sitrep

Jan 2  
0724      A Troop departed NOP to begin road sweep
0915      All roads clear from 130-120, 138-134, 138-140 conducted mounted recon
             at  XT496421,499475,502416
1120      A Trp XT496421
1215      AP for A Trp vic XT420300 shack up AG ASIVNE (Disregard)
1305      A Trp 10 at XT499415
1632      A Troop enroute  to Wood
1710      A Trp closed in FSB Wood
Jan 3  
0708      A Trp departed FSB Wood to begin road sweep
0801      All roads clear from CP 130-138, 130-127, conducted mounted recon XT475413, 470412,
             546409, 461409, 438253, 499227
1115      A Trp 10 XT475413 20 woods 30 eng secure XT531327
1300      A Troop XT546409   
1307      A Troop XT461109   
1426      A Trp XT461409 found 5 bunkers, 2 very fresh, also found medical supplies, 1U’s
             needles, pots & pans, latrine recent activity w/in last 24 Hrs
1520      A Trp Co request C&C for V.R. at 1600
1526      A Trp Phase II
1616      A Trp 20 has 2 POWs & 1 AK47 in a hole were inserting Rangers & fell into a hole
             where PW's were-POW’s being brought to Wood POW’s found XT438253
1626      A Trp holding for possible reacting to 2/12 XT499327 20 will not need to
1640      Gave Atrp new push 65.80
1720      A Trp 20 returning at CP138
1740      A Trp closed in FSB Wood
1845      A Trp leaving Wood for AP site XT466340
1855      A Trp 30 in position
Jan 4
0701      A Trp 30 moving back to this location
0703      CRIP shutting down moving back to this location
0726      A Trp 30 now at FSB Wood
0747      A Trp All roads clear CP 130-138
0805      A Trp roads clear CP 134-134
1050      A Trp 20 XT482400
1143      A Trp 20 XT477403
1200      A Trp 20 XT476403
1301      A Trp 20 XT476403 Class I
1357      A Trp 20 XT470400
1624      A Trp 20 & 30 Wood, 10 just about to NL
1634      A Trp closed NOP
Jan 5
0724      A Trp all elem have started road sweep
0756      A Trp 30 at CP 131 
0830      VTR linked with A Trp
0854      A Trp 10 clear 130-125 linked w/castle elem
1250      A Trp 30 test firring 50 cal, canister, etc 220 from XT464400 GN
1259      A Trp Ambush Plt of D2/12 30 XT520349
1332      A Trp dismounting into stream - all other elem same location
1500      A Trp recon by 50 cal to NNW up the streamline XT464401
1543      A Trp enroute to Wood
1625      A Trp 10 closed NOP
Jan 6
0700      A Troop departed NOP to begin road sweep
0745      A Trp reported roads clear Cp130-138
0837      A Trp reported roads clear 130-129
0910      A Trp reported all roads clear, conducted mounted recon XT464408
1020      A Trp CP 129 picking up RFs 
1025      A Trp moving out on Opn 
1054      A Trp 10 XT464408 – 20 XT468395 
1206      A Trp 20 can’t make it across marsh will join 10 will have both elem on north side
             of stream 
1259      A Trp 10 XT458410 PFs dismounting to stream  20 XT478404 
1345      A Trp 10 & 20 linked up XT455413 moving NW
1448      A Trp finished dismount search of XT455413 moving NW at this time. Found 4 bunkers
             6x6 3’ OHC BIP 
1527      A Trp 20 on 19 enroute to Wood 10 500 meters from road enroute to Wood
1625      A Trp closed in FSB Wood
1940      A Trp ambush patrols & B Trp ambush patrol in position
1625      A Trp ambush patrols in position Neg Sitrep
Jan 7
0800      A Troop departed NOP to begin road sweep
0815      A Troop reported roads swept from CP130 to Old Wood
            Two platoons remained at FSB Wood, One platoon w/engineers
0856      A Trp AP XT457339
0943      A Trp 10 & 20 at Wood 30 still has not linked up w/engineers
0957      A Trp 30 linked w/engineers
1020      A Trp 30 in pos securing engineers
1312      A Trp 30 released by engineers enroute to Wood
1332      A Trp 30 closed Wood
Jan 8
Bob Rahnefeld wounded by starcluster.
0800      A Troop departed NOP to begin road sweep
0820      A Trp swept to CP134
0855      A Trp reported all roads clear, conducted mounted recon XT495394,499388
1017      A Trp has movement-engaging
1026      A Trp taking 2 VC under fire-they ran into bushes
1153      A Trp XT488401
1301      A Trp 10 & 30 XT495394 
1351      A Trp 10 & 30 XT495394 20 secure
1800      A Trp closed in NOP
Jan 9
            Summary: A Troop conducted road sweep from CP130to CP 120, conducted mounted recon
             XT499397,XT505390, XT501388
1354      A Trp recon by fire at 503392 (everyting but 50 cal)
1510      A Trp XT505390
1705      A Trp XT501388, 6 bunkers destroyed, mackeral cans, fish in sandbags
2347      A Trp neg sitrep
Jan 10
0840      A Trp road clear 130-120
0845      A Trp road clear 130-128
0858      A Trp 10 linked with E Personell
0915      A Trp 10 all sweeps complete
1235      A Trp spotted movemet engaging 150-180 w/ 50 cal & M60 XT505397
1245      A Trp neg findings
1505      A Trp XT512391 3 or 4 bunkers 6x8 w/3’ overhead cover neg recent actv BIP
Jan 11
            Summary: A Trp at 0808 cleared roads 130-129 At 0855 roads clear from 130-125, 130-120,
            130- 136,130-137, conducted mounted recon XT485371 closed in NOP FSB Wood
Jan 12
             Bob Rahnefeld in FSB wood on limited duty.
0758      A Trp 30  1 Anti tank XT467383 Blowing in place approx 20 lbs
0823      A Trp 30  2 RPG in road XT469385 Blowing in place
0845      A Trp road sweep North 800 meters shy of 120 H CP 134
1633      A Trp found tunnel 300m long underground 2 rifle grenades 200 AK rounds
            and some water, blowing to find end XT503387 also 2 RPG rounds
1645      Update on Troop locations A Trp XT503387  C Trp NOP
1647      LOH leaving Bde at 1700 with top secret doc. Must be met by off w/ ts clearance
1702      Ranger insertion complete A trp found more tunnels w/7 RPG & boosters BIP
1728      A Trp blow tunnels, didn’t have time to check tunnels now departing
1800      Contact with Rangers
1822      AP#1 at site
Jan 13
0915      A Troop reported all roads clear
1101      A Troop found dud rocket XT492394 BIP
1116      A Trp XT505386 300m long 4’ wide 6’deep trench line old neg recent activity
1403      A Trp found munition packs 3 RPG 7 Rounds 3 hand gren, Chi com clothing
1621      A Trp 1130 found trench line 400m long center of mass XT503386 also found 7
             RPG 7 rounds 4 RPG 2 rounds, destroyed 12 sleeping pam; 1 bunker, XT493386
             Sited 5 VC engaged got 4 BC and 1 AK47, fond 2 bunkers, 4 bowl 20 lbs rice
1655      A Trp all elements closed Wood
2030      A Trp Neg Sitrep
2340      A Trp Neg Sitrep
Jan 14
            Summary: A Troop 0905 roads clear 130-120 conducted mounted recon,1615 closed in FSB Wood
Jan 15
            Summary: A Troop 0850 all roads clear,conducted mounted recon XT49382,501375
            502383 At 1615 closed in FSB Wood       
1010      A Trp 20 linked w/168 eng XT487421 ( A Co.)
1045      A Trp 30 XT502385 37 hit mine all road wheels on right side blown off. (Photo of A37 with Al
1153      A Trp 30 XT504383   10 XT503382
1315      A Trp  XT507390, 505389
1426      Informed A Trp of LFT & ground sweep after A.S. in XT513367
1431      A Trp XT504380
1530      A Trp Phase II
1655      A Trp closed in at FSB Wood
1831      A Trp 30 now departing FSB Wood for AP’s
1937      A Trp 30 now in position
2140      A Trp Neg Sitrep
2230      A Trp Neg Sitrep
2335      A Trp Neg Sitrep
Jan 16
            Summary: A Troop 0925 reported all clear, conducted mounted recon. XT38314.
1240      A Trp 20 XT384314.  1458 closed in FSB Wood
Jan 17
            Summary: A Troop closed in Cu Chi base camp for maintenance Stand Down
Jan 18
            Summary: A Troop closed in Cu Chi base camp for maintenance Stand Down.  1st Division gets
            pullout orders.
Jan 19
            Summary: A Troop closed in Cu Chi base camp for maintenance Stand Down
Jan 20
            Summary: A Troop closed in Cu Chi base camp for maintenance Stand Down
Jan 21
1251      A Troop departed Cu Chi Base Camp.
1430      A Troop arrived at FSB Wood
1838      A Trp no 50 cal fire from 345 to 80
2043      A Trp NOP 441419
2128      A Trp Neg SitRep
2134      Received report of unknown size enemy force moving North to South at XT438440
            from Bao Don.
Jan 22
            Summary: A Troop conducted mounted recon. XT425420, 428417, 414420 (photo combat loss Sheridan)
1100      A Trp XT430419 10 BM 13
1207      A Trp 30 linked w/CRIP
1217      Minicav inserted – A Trp an move  
1220      A Trp 10 at XT425420 20 XT428417  30XT414420
1305      A Trp 20 movin to link w/CRIP
1330      A Trp 10 moving to link up w/Aero Rifles
1343      CRIP & A Trp linked
1347      A Trp 10 linked w/ Aero Rifles
1423      ARVN’s w/A Trp leaving Opn
1852      A Trp New Push 60.35
1953      A Trp firing restriction no 50cal 345-80 degrees
2201      A Trp Neg Sitrep
Jan 23
            Summary: A Troop conducted mounted recon. XT436412,447414,450416,428413
1330      A Trp center mass 428413 
1338      A Trp requests new Trp freq-somebody is constantly breaking squelch & interfering
1356      A Trp getting 1 Plt C Co. 2/12 1430-1500 at NOP
1612      A Trp 10 & 20 closed & ½ of 30  
1728      A Trp 30 in position ½ 30 AP
2125      A Trp neg Sitrep
2225      A Trp 1 priority US D/O severe stomach pains 
Jan 24
            Summary: A Trp at 0916 reported all roads clear. conducted mounted recon. XT427413             
            XT433412,427415,427396,417413,430362,482317. At 1840 closed NOP XT485317
1155      A Trp NOP XT482317     
1241      A Trp  XT427415 – 10, 20 XT427396
1405      A Trp 10 417413, 20 430362, 30 XT482317
2042      A Trp Neg Sitrep
2134      A Trp Neg Sitrep
2235      A Trp Neg Sitrep
2300      A Trp popped bush on 6 indiv taking neg incoming XT41328
2305      A Trp AP has 1 BC  & 1 AK so far  
2316      A Trp popped bush on 5-6 indiv at 220 Az 10 meters out got 1 BC 1 AK-47 & some
2316      A took 2 RPGs
2325      A Trp took 2 RPG’s at a 80 they landed outside prim. Also AP still has movement  
            request NiteHawk   
2331      NiteHawk ETA 15-20 Min.
Jan 25
            Summary: A Trp at 0900 departed NOP to begin mission. Conducted mounted recon.             
            XT505325,536339,486325,485329,533346,523344,490300,508320,490310. At 1732 
            Closed in NOP XT485317
1313      A Troop XT505325 found body 5 days
1320      A Trp putting 1 elem No. of stream & 1 So. Of streamreported sweep complete 
            conducted mounted recon XT463378 found 40 lb mine w/ bamboo detonating device
1341      S-4 at A Trp location having trouble w/vehicle A Trp mech should have fixed in 30 minutes
1417      S-4 at A Trp NOP location departing
1448      A Trp finding holes & bunkers – Neg rec activ
1521      A Trp 10 XT485329,  20 XT533346  30 XT523344
Jan 26
            Summary: A Trp Conducted mounted recon XT509332,508342,509341,511229
            Found large weapons cache XT508343
0023     A Trp neg sitrep
0057      A Trp neg sitrep
0910      A Trp XT509332
0937      A Trp 30 XT511341 bunker 6x8x5 Neg activ. 20 small base camp 6x5 Rec activity Bandolier M-79                 1/4 lb documents XT508342
1121      A Trp 10 XT508342,  20 XT5509341, 30 XT511339
1140      A Trp found arms cache still pulling weapons out XT508343
1237      Colonel off CC enroute to A Trp
1251      A Trp 10 XT507351,  20 XT508343,  30 XT518338
1323      A Trp 20 at cache site found 5 75 recoiless rounds, 5 57 recoiless rounds, 5 107mm rockets & 15
            122mm rockets
1426      A Trp found 3 graves XT521351 been dead 3-4 days
1504      A Trp 10 has 2 PW’s XT510356 1 is slightly wounded request interpreter
1524      Both A Trp PW’s wounded
1531      Dog tracker team going out to A Trps location
1556      Bde Co evac wounded PW to 12th Evac.
1647      A Trp requests 3 priority dustoffs vehicle hit small mine 1 litter 2 ambulatory XT519348
1724      A Trp vehicle that hit mine was a Sheridan combat loss size of mine unknown
1735      A Trp requested VTR to tow sheridan
1904      A Trp AP now departing
1943      A Trp AP now in position
2155      A Trp all elem closed in NOP
2243      A Trp took 2 RPG’s & NiteHawk requested
2249      A Trp took 2 RPG’s from 110 Az 30 meters out landed outside perimeter
2300      NiteHawk on station LB23
2326      Passed chage 1 in A Trp’s Ball Game
2354      A Trp neg Sitrep
Jan 27
            Summary: A Trp  At 0917 kicked off Conducted mounted recon XT499329,499325,507356
            490330,513350,499330 At 1652 all elements closed in NOP
0917      A Trp kicked off
1010      A Trp 30 request push change have Wilscat 86 on  Freq
1055      A Trp at 499325, neg 20, BC 1 wounded, 1 half paralyzed
1100      Request additional Dust off
1105      Dust off 155 ETA 10 – 15 on station
1107      Dust off 155 will take VC with head wound will leave other for interrogation w/
            Cpt Appler
1110      Dust off complete  12th Evac
1130      A Trp 10 XT499329, 4 BC 2 PW’s 3 AK’s 1M72 LAW, 5 RPG 2 w/ boosters 1 CC HG
1137      A Trp XT507356
1157      A Trp contact receiving SA fire request LFT
1211      A Trp 2 friendly KIA stepped on Mine 490330
1225      A Trp request slick for KIAs. KIAs are PFC Gary Hobbs, SSG Richard Dornellas.
1349      A Trp 10 XT513350  20 & 30 499300
1454      A Trp 10 XT513350  20  499329    30 NOP XT488317
1525      A Trp gave Bde summary of A Trp accident
2117      A Trp A35 is down, main gun won’t fire need T.M.
2131      A Trp Neg Sitrep
2155      A Trp Neg Sitrep
Jan 28
            Summary: A Troop At 0900 departed NOP to begin mission. Conducted mounted recon
            Found 1 body 1 bunker 1 RPG At 1601 enroute NOP At 1742 closed in NOP
1225      A Trp Class I
1356      A Trp needs water on resupply
1400      A Trp 10 XT502343  20 & 30 XT495327
1441      A Trp  XT497330 found bunker 6x6x10 w/RPG 2 round
1505      A Trp 10 XT513351
Jan 29
            Summary: A Trp Conducted mounted recon on axis XT492321,495329,509339
Jan 30
            Summary: A Trp Conducted mounted recon on axis XT498328,521350,520358
            XT523358,525442,517348,523354,539349,525358 At 1737 A Trp AP XT475328
1000      A Trp in NOP
1150      A Trp 10 XT498328  20 XT521350  30 XT520358
1243      A Trp 30 XT523358  20 XT525342  10 XT517348
1540      A Trp hit mine 529348 sheridan neg cas VTR being dispatched
1550      Mine was approx 60 lbs.
2036      Inf Plt w/A Trp will be lifted out 310830 hrs Neg replacements
2103      A Trp request Nitehawk AP has movement to SE 8 indiv w/flashlight
            400m from AP  ETA 10-15 Min
2116      NiteHawk cancelled
Jan 31
            Summary: A Trp Conducted mounted recon XT495330,493333,453322
            XT522350,518362,510341 At 1700 closed in NOP At 1730 sent out AP 

Feb 1-7 (from 2nd Bde AAR)
- No shelling incidents were reported in the 2nd Brigade area of operations during 1-7 February.  Rear service and supply groups were quite active during the week as 2nd Brigade elements killed 26 enemy and captured 17 prisoners-of-war in 17 separate contacts.
Early Feb (from Burt Lehman)
1st or 2nd week of Feb 70 A Troop was at NDP in a rice paddy at the edge of the Boi Loi Woods. 
An ambush patrol was out just into the Boi Loi's that detected a group of NVA that walked across their front. They did not blow the bush because they counted too many. est. 100 plus. Alerted "6" and were told to return to the NDP. As soon as they cleared the perimeter we opened up with everything we had plus artillery and gunships.  The AP reported that NVA were carrying small arms, mortars, RPG"S and recoilless rifles.  I don't think we ever received any incoming that night but I personally dug up at least a dozen gravesites in the days after.  I was not the only one digging.  The bodies were wrapped in green plastic much like the large leaf bags we use today. I do not remember the body count total.  If I remember right, this action happened very close to where Hobbs and Darnellas were killed by a booby trap.
Feb 1
1000      A Trp departed NDP to begin mission, conducted mounted recon XT490330,490325
            captured 17 PWs and weapons.
1345      A Trp located a cache in a hole five kilometers northwest of Dau Tieng (XT455505).    
            Evacuated were 2 M60 machine guns, 2 .30 caliber machine guns, 1 M16 rifle and 1000 rounds of  
            .30-caliber ammunition.  2 RPG rounds were destroyed.
15:25     A Trp operating 5 kilometers northwest of Ben Suc (XT5235 in the lower Boi Loi Woods, captured
            17 prisoners -of-war and evacuated four AK47 rifles.  All of the PWs were members of the C160
            (Rice Procurement) Company of the 83 Rear Service Group.  During interrogation it was learned
            that the strength of the company was 30 men and that the company was located in the contact
            area.  The PWs were easily induced to surrender and at least one of them was carrying a Chieu Hoi
            leaflet.  This is additional evidence that the low morale encountered in SR-1 combat units has
            spread to the logistical support units as well.  Of the 17 PWs, six were classified as VC-PW, nine
            as  NVA-PW, and two of the PWs rallied and were classified as returnees.
1922      A Troop closed in NDP
2019      A Troop 30 mortars shooting illumination for B Troop AP
Feb 2
0800      A Troop 10 departed NDP for to begin mission 
0821      A 30 hit BBT RPG XT503326 track had belly plate armor
1000      A Trp 10 at XT496325, A20 & 30 at XT490228
1200      A Trp at XT516358 found 10 bangarlor torpedos w/ rocket heads 5’x1”-20, Blown in Place.
1246      A Trp 10 XT520347 Class I A20 & 30 XT502346      
1305      A Trp 20 & 30 XT495337 Class I
1324      A Trp 20 & 30 XT499339 found 1 US concussion gren BBT w trip wire BIP
1632      A Troop closed in NDP
Feb 3
Summary - 4th platoon night ambush ops at Bowling Alley AO. Many daytime combat loss to mines.     
1000      A Trp departed NDP to begin mission conducted mounted recon XT5013245,515346
1656      A Troop all elements closed in NDP   
2047      A Troop negative Sitrep   
2049      A Troop AP in position   
Feb 4
0820      A Troop closed AP
0830      A Troop roads cleared 130-134
1232      A Trp XT501334 found trench line 75m 2’wide 3’ deep fighting position found and destroyed 3
            Chicom hand grenades
1305      A Trp breaking Class I
Feb 5
0840      A Troop departed NDP to begin mission conducted mounted recon XT502833,508348
1445      A Trp XT517351 found 6x6x6 bunker 8 lbs documents and 50 lb rice 
1527      VTR linked with A Trp
1545      A Trp 20 found marker on trail-logs stacked pulled it down found 60 cans of water XT516353
1640      A Trp AP XT481308
1743      A Trp closed in NDP
2107      A Trp given fire restrictions
Feb 6
0900      A Troop departed NDP to begin mission conducted mounted recon XT496322
1620      All A Trp elements closed NDP
Feb 7
Summary -TET cease fire. Ambush patrol spots large NVA force, no contact.
0900      A Troop departed NDP to begin mission conducted mounted recon XT485344
0925      A Trp 10 XT485344 A20 XT495334 A30 XT497333
1100      A Trp 10 XT485344 A20 XT498325 A30 XT496335
1317      A Trp elements in area of search
1422      A Trp 20 XT497326 5 50 cans rice, dried fish, cooking stove, kerosene, blasting cap & also a
             tunnel 50 Meter long   
1550      A Troop entered Phase II
1557      A Trp 10 XT507383 found trap door down 6’ back 10’ another down 2’  BIP
1700      A Trp 10 XT507385 found 2 complete bunkers 6x5x6 1 incomplete BIP
1739      A Troop closed in NDP
Feb 8
0845      A Troop departed NDP to begin mission conducted mounted recon XT513349
1557      A Trp enroute NDP
1713      A Trp enter Phase II
1820      A Trp closed in NDP 
1935      A Trp had trip flare go off due North o NDP Range 100 meters
Feb 9
0800      A Troop departed NDP to begin mission conducted mounted recon XT515336
1540      A Troop needs VTR have Sheridan stuck XT537332
1746      A Trp ETA 30
1837      A Trp closed
2346      A Trp had trip flare go off 45 degrees
2353      A Trp reports negative sightings
Feb 10
0955      A Trp 10 NL 20 X494328 30 XT5030320
1031      A Trp 30 push 110500 eff 41.15
1301      A Trp AP XT496318
1437      A Trp 10 XT545342 20XT498325 30 XT542346
1530      A Trp 10 & 30 enroute NDP
1620      A Trp 20 enroute NDP
1704      A Trp 20 closed
1736      A Trp closed
1745      A Trp negative closed
2005      A Trp AP in position
2040      A Trp opns passed
2230      A Trp negative sitrep
Feb 11
0840      A Troop departed NDP to begin mission conducted mounted recon XT478352
1126      A Trp 30 XT477357, 750lb DUD blown in place
1153      A trp 10 XT477335 found large base camp recent activity, bunkers pots & pans, fresh rice & cloths
1158      A Trp  found 1 RPG-7 Launcher BIP
1215      A Trp 10 & 20 XT475336 A30 XT472352
1500      A Trp XT475375
1549      A Ttrp blowing 15 bunkers most of WH are sleeping positions at XT475375
1612      A Trp enroute NDP
1621      A Trp elem found 4 nose cones in rice paddy dike- civilians in are have no knowledge of who
            buried  them, interpreter going out
1705      A Trp closed
1950      A Trp had trip flare go off 100 meters North of perimeter engaging
1951      Passed A & C Trp Cos Opn
2014      A Trp engaging trip flare but had negative sightings
2041      A Trp had another trip flare go off to his SE engaging
2051      A Trp searching area where 2Nd trip flare went off w/dismounts
2152      A Trp negative findings
Feb 12
0853      A Troop departed FSB Wood to begin mission conducted mounted recon XT473356
1102      A Trp 30 XT465364 5 bunkers 4x4x6 BIP
1220      A Trp 10 XT463357 20 XT473363 30 AT469364
1315      A Trp AP approx XT475324
1455      A Trp 30 request push change has canal 39 on push
1500      A Trp found 3 more bunkers-NVA pack, mackral can XT472363
1529      A Trp 30 blowing 2 sleeping positions XT474320
1623      A Trp enroute NDP
1704      A Trp AP XT474320
1852      A Trp 20 &18A night activities left FSB Wood
Feb 13
0856      A Troop departed NDP to begin mission
0916      A Troop found 3 graves at XT491327 1 week old, conducted mounted recon on axis XT517364
1030      A Trp found 1 body at XT491327 approx 2 weeks old
1230      A Trp breaking Class I
1341      A Trp Proposed AP site XT493359
1345      A Trp 10 XT492326 found 2 more bodies in hole  approx 2 weeks old
1450      A Trp has ARVN’s on family push
1546      A Trp 10 & 30 enroute NDP
1708      A Trp closed NDP
1715      A Trp AP XT494333
Feb 14
0001      A Trp maintained neg sit rep during the day
Feb 15
0001      A Trp closed in Cu Chi base camp for maintenance Stand Down
Feb 16
0001      A Trp in Cu Chi base camp for maintenance Stand Down
Feb 17
0001      A Trp in Cu Chi base camp for maintenance Stand Down
Feb 18
0001      A Trp in Cu Chi base camp for maintenance Stand Down
Feb 19
Begin operations in Bo Loi woods.
1201      A Troop departed Cu Chi base camp and proceed to NDP
1620      A Troop closed in NDP.
Feb 20
0751      A Trp command has mint blinker 68
0815      A Trp 21 hit mine combat loss XT467382 neg casualties
0901      A Troop departed NDP to begin mission conducted mounted recon XT451394
1041      A Trp 3 vehicles at CP 131
1210      A Trp at XT467382 picked up 2 detainiees believed to have tampered w/mines
1254      A Trp 10 XT455380 20 XT505375 30 XT485375 Class I, fresh rice & cloths
1301      Truck (eng) that hit mine lost two wheels at A Trp location
1334      A Trp 20 XT505375 1 bunker 4x4 1’ OHC 25’ tunnel BIP
1450      A Trp 20 XT507374 2 bunkers 5x3 2 bunkers 4x4 3’OHC BIP
1501      A Trp 10 Phase II
1526      A Trp 10 & 30 Phase II
1545      A Trp 30 closed A Trp 20 Phase II
1632      A Trp closed NDP
1936      A Trp fire restrict 200-270 degrees neg 50 cal contact only
Feb 21
0821      A Trp departed NDP to begin mission conducted mounted recon XT484382
1200      A Trp 30 Class I
1336      A Trp 30 finished RIFF turning back on East side and paralleling RIFF
1350      A Trp on move from Class I
1438      Dustoff enroute to A Trp NDP
1540      A Trp entered Phase II
1621      A Trp 30 closed NDP
1652      A Trp closed NDP
1900      A Trp AP leaving NDP
1940      A Trp fire restriction 0 to 120 degrees 50cal
2000      A Trp AP in position
2107      A Trp request new family push
Feb 22
0350      A Trp AP popped an ambush has 2 indiv approach at flank & see claymores realized that AP
            was there ran. AP fired claymores swept area Neg results fired Arty into area AP returned to NDP
0909      A Troop departed NDP to begin mission conducted mounted recon XT511366 
0945      A Trp 10 XT511366 20 XT443353 A30 securing Rome Plows
1045      A Trp 10 XT523359 20 XT500344 A30 securing engineers
1138      A Trp 10 XT524358 20 XT502357 A30 Plow security
1345      A Trp on the move
1500      A Trp starting RIFF to NDP
1523      A Trp A20 XT512359
1530      51 back in area moving to A Trp location
1600      A Trp A20 XT511368 Phase II
1607      A Trp A10 Phase II
1717      A Trp closed NDP
2011      A Trp restrict 50cal 260-270 degrees
2040      A Trp Neg Sitrep
Feb 23
0720      A Trp departed NDP to begin road sweep
0826      A Trp XT466385 found 1 35 lb mine (bamboo type) BIP 
0827      A Trp 15 meter from first found another 40 lb similar mine BIP
0935      A Trp moved out for operations conducted mounted recon XT511366 
1002      A Trp A10 NL securing Rome Plow A20 XT502372 30 XT487394
1020      A Trp A10 XT449408 20 XT453412 A10 found trail E-W 10 indiv 2-3 day old
1150      A Trp A30 XT513367 Class I 
1224      A Trp A20 XT513367 Class I
1257      A Trp A30 on the move
1356      A Trp A30 XT498388 3 bunkers 5x5 w/10’ OHC BIP neg recent activity 
1536      A Trp 3rd Plt at 302387 going Phase II
1613      A Trp 1Plt at CP 139 2nd Plt  at XT531348
1955      A Trp AP at XT467383 1st Plt received AH 
2120      A Trp fire restrict 180-270 degrees 50 cal
2124      A Trp AP has been in position
2130      A Trp & C Trp negative Sit rep 
Feb 24
0800      A Troop departed NDP to begin mission conducted mounted recon XT457367
0947      A Troop change of mission RIFF XT515365 and search AS XT520364 
                 FAC observed 1 indiv in open area
1010      A Trp 20 enroute AS location 
1045      A Trp 20 XT509366 holdind AS
1020      A Trp 10 XT449408 20 XT453412 10 found trail E-W 10 indiv 2-3 day old
1230      A/3/4 Cav, 5 kilometers northwest of Ben Suc (XT528358) in the Boi Loi
             Woods, located a cache in a hole.  Evacuated were two M-16 rifles, six AK-47 rifles, one RPG
             launcher, one 60mm mortar tube, two base plates for 60mm mortars, two 20 pound AT mines,
             1200 rounds of .51 caliber ammunition, 50 rifle grenades, 70 AT hand grenades and 21,450 rounds
             of small arms ammunition.  One US hand grenade, 97 RPG rounds, 21 RPG boosters, 11 ChiCom
             bangalore torpedoes, eight rounds of 82mm mortar ammunition, 13 cases of 82mm mortar fuses
             and 31 rounds of 60mm mortar ammunition were destroyed.
1235      A Trp A10 securing RP 20 XT528360 30 XT458414     
1255      A Trp A20 XT528358 80 RPG  2 rounds 1 RPG launcher 1 RPG 7 round 20 boosters
            5 AK47 2 M16 US 1 60mm round 6 51 cal rounds 1 US frag gren
1315      A Trp A20 XT528358 found  Hand held RPG 2 w/blasting cap at end of warhead
1525      A Trp has 10 cases 51 cal 10 cases AK47 quick 1 load 8 82mm 2 sights RPG 7
1627      A Trp A30 found 3 fighting positions 3x4x4’ down Bip 5’ tunnel to 4x5 room also
             2 anti personnel mines 6-8” dia 
1655      A Trp 2nd & 3rd Plts Phase II
1745      A Trp Z and 1 elem closed  
1850      A Trp all elem closed
1910      A Trp AP leaving NDP     
2000      A Trp requests 1 urgent US litter dustoff, man fell over log dislocated shoulder 
2100      Late entrey A Trp AP in position
2132      AP location XT425391
Feb 25
0726      A Troop started sweep
0834      A Troop reported sweep complete conducted mounted recon XT463378 found 40 lb mine w/
            bamboo detonating device
1604      A Trp entered Phase II
1655      A Trp closed in NDP
1915      A Trp AP leaving wire
1955      A Trp AP in position
2032      A Trp has lites spotted 300m 290 degrees from NDP engaging M79
2117      A Trp fire restiction no 50 90-10 degrees BT 190-260 degrees
2130      A Trp & B Trp neg Sit rep
Feb 26
3/4 Cav released from OPCON to 2nd Bde and returned to 25th Div control.
0745      A Troop closed AP in NDP
0808      A Troop departed NDP to begin mission conducted mounted recon XT492422
0948      A Trp 10 XT490422 A20 securing rome plow 30 XT461441
1141      A Trp 10 XT492422 A20 securing rome plow 30 XT464429
1407      A Trp 10 XT492422 A20 securing rome plow 30 XT456437
1732      A Trp closed in NDP XT478392
2005      A Trp fire restrict 190 to 340 degrees
Feb 27
Summary: Operations find large weapons cache in Bo Loi woods south of Dau Tieng. A Troop conducted
            mounted recon XT446434 A Trp had neg significant activities in log
1539      A Trp entered Phase II.
1732      A Trp closed in NDP
Feb 28
0727      A Troop closed AP in NDP
0836      A Troop 2nd & 3rd Plt departed NDP to begin operations conducted mounted recon
            XT497421 1st Plt securing Rome Plows
1148      A Trp A10 Rome plow A20 XT497428 30 XT463422
1158      A Trp XT502426 saw 3 personnel in the open
1236      A Trp A20 & A30 Class I
1407      A Trp A10 rome plow security A20 XT503421 30 XT462418
1557      A Trp A20 XT500418 A30 XT462418
1600      A Trp request 1 routine US dustoff XT500418 dismount picked up piece of frag
            C&C dusting off frag from fire in the hole
1617      A Trp A30 XT462418 found tunnel 75m with small room 3X4 BT
             A Trp A20 XT500418 bunker 4x4 w/8’ tunnel 4’ OHC BIP
2054      A Trp AP engaging 1 VC with Sniper, a Nighthawk was requested.  A Trp possible 2 BC and 1VC
            WIA A sweep of are of contact result neg findings

Mar 1

0700      A Troop departed NDP for Sweep.
0841      A Troop reports all roads clear.
1810      Closed in NDP XT479392.
2035      A Troop fire restrict, All weapons 360 degrees, except .50 cal toward AP site.
            50cal keep low to East.
Mar 2
0740      A Troop 10 departed FSB for Sweep
0801      A Troop reports all roads clear 130-120
0804      A Troop AP closed at 0730
0815      A Troop cleared 120-115
0900      A Troop reports all roads clear
1010      A10 at XT483404, A20 at XT471409, & A30 W/ Rome Plows
1108      A10 and A20 at XT461411 recon
1113      A Trp at XT4641110
1213      A Trp at XT4641110 found 1 bunker 8x5x6 3’ overhead cover, BT 4 holes down 4’ back 4’
            1’ overhead cover Blown in Place, Breaking Class I
1225      Eng’s with A Trp topping off
1310      A Trp 20 moving to intell spot     
1745      A troop closed in NDP XT479392
Mar 3
0700      A Troop departed for road sweep
0841      A Troop reports all roads cleared
            conducted mounted recon XT49931,468411, found several fighting positions, 4 sets of footprints,
            and 3 bunkers
1617      Entered Phase II
1725      A troop all elements closed in NDP
1113      A10 at XT421390,419393 conducted mounted recon XT416376,463403. Found 25 AK rounds,40K
            rice 405 sets of cloths
Mar 4
0700      A Troop departed for road sweep
0823      A Troop reports all roads cleared conducted mounted recon XT499386,450417, found 32 rounds
            Chi Com ammo and a sleeping positions
1628      Entered Phase II
1800      A troop all elements closed in NDP XT479392
Mar 5
Summary - 1st Plt W/ Rome Plows. 2nd and 3rd plts conducted mounted recon on axis XT504384
1820      A Trp 20 closed Wood
1826      A Trp AP has 1  Body Count with other elements
1920      A Trp at 510385 engaged 3 individuals at 50 M 1 confirmed Body Count poss wounded
1921      1 or more 1 AK-47 captured. found 1 plastic bag fish & a bundle of clothing. Blood on bags.
2010      All A Trp closed
2105      A Trp fire restriction 280 to 320 degrees neg .50 cal
Mar 6
0700      A Troop departed FSB for road sweep
0855      A Troop reports all roads cleared
            conducted mounted recon XT498417,503414
0943      A10 at XT498417 A20 moving out from NDP A30 W/ Rome Plows
1058      A10 at XT503414 found 8” DUD, drilltop mine blown in place
1209      A10 at XT502416, A20 at XT492387
1211      A Trp 10 & 20 Class I at last location
1627      A Trp 10 & 20 at XT507407 linked leaving dismounted ambush patrol to be extracted at 1900,
            reaction force 900 meters away to North
1715      All A Trp elements closed NDP XT479392
1730      A Trp extraction elements at XT497414
1815      A trp stay behind AP contact A10 at XT507407
1820      A Trp request Dustoff, 2 wounded. Litter
1830      A Trp AP at XT507407 engage 3 VC 1 BC took return AK fire and frags
            1 litter 1 ambulatory US WIA, BT VC moving from east
1915      A Trp sweeped area, found recent camp fire uNDPened C-Ration can & fish can
1924      A Trp returning to NDP
2105      A Trp negative fire restrictions
Mar 7
0710      1st Plt A Troop departed FSB for road sweep
0852      A Troop reports all roads cleared, conducted mounted recon on axis XT509384         
1203      A Trp 10 XT509384 found large bunker 6x5x6 w/2’ OHC recent activity BIP
1230      A Trp 10 XT509384 A20 XT506410 Class I
1557      A Trp 10 XT507383 found trap door down 6’ back 10’ another down 2’  BIP
1700      A Trp 10 XT507385 found 2 complete bunkers 6x5x6 1 incomplete BIP
1710      A Trp 10 & 20 Phase II
1725      A Trp 10 found 1 tunnel 15’ long 4’ cover 2 entrances 509402 2 bandeleers M16 ammo-doc
1753      A Trp AP is ambush Plt, part of 20 1K to west as reaction force
1820      A Trp 10 & remainder of 20 closed
1933      All A Trp elements closed
1946      A Trp neg fire restrict
1953      A Trp leaving Push 10-15
2200      A Trp Neg Sitrep
2200      A Trp 30 Neg Sitrep
Mar 8
0700      A Troop departed FSB Wood for road sweep
0705      A Trp 30 departing Wood
0743      A Trp 30 CP 121 from CP 130
0750      A Trp 30 CP 123
0806      A Trp 30 CP 128
0826      A Troop reports all roads cleared, conducted mounted recon on axis XT488390,424499
0852      Made coord between A Trp CO and 10th ARVN Cav operation
1005      A Trp 20 & 30 XT488390
1050      A trp AT488389 DUD 500 or 750 lb bomb BIP
1220      A Troop 20 XT492386 A30 XT489383
1713      A Trp enters Phase II
1745      A Trp closed in NDP  XT479392
2135      A trp passed OPRT for 09 Mar by S-3 Air
Mar 9
0720      A Troop departed FSB Wood for road sweep
0825      A Troop reports all roads cleared, conducted mounted recon on axis XT452376,478401
1100      A Trp 10 XT452376 A20 XT468398
1206      A Trp 10 XT448382 picked up 1 man looking 21 yrs, ID States 45. Also 3 women all had sickles
            started to run when they saw tracks, will hold for interrogation Reference AO Capt Lewis
            25th ARVN Laison still checking: pending (from G-3 Plans)
1230      A Trp 10 XT449379 A 20 XT467397
1320      A Trp eng to 1 Bde
1530      A Trp 1 CEV hung up request VTR from their element
1554      A trp 10 XT451387 20 Xt465398 returning to Wood w/ lowboys
1710      A Trp closed in FSB Wood
Mar 10
Summary - 1st Plt W/ Rome Plows. Securing land clearing operation 2nd and 3rd plts
               conducted mounted recon on axis 445399. Operations out of FSB wood.
1054      A Trp 20 & 30 linked at XT453415 A 10 & CEV XT491386
1130      A Trp XT453414 small hole recent activity 50lbs fresh rice
1132      A Trp XT453414 3 sandbags of rice 20 lbs dry fish
1226      A Trp 20 XT453414 found 2 chicom grenades 1 60 mm mortar round, a camp fire w/coals still hot.
1240      A Trp VTR stuck XT453414 breaking for Class I
1415      A Trp 453414 2 bunkers with tunnels 5 personnel, documents (1/4 lbs)
1436      A Trp XT453414  12 RPG#7 rnds, partially buried covered w/plastic BIP
1558      A Trp XT453414 1 tunnel 15' long 2 ½ w/3ft OHC built within last week. Blown in place
1626      A Trp Phase II
1638      A Trp Dust-Off complete in C & C to FSB Wood
1735      1St Plt A Trp closed NDP
1805      A Trp closed Wood
Mar 11
0700      A Troop departed FSB Wood for road sweep
0845      A Troop reports all roads cleared, conducted mounted recon on axis XT453414,456415
1052      A Trp 10 XT454414 A20 XT451141
1117      A Trp 30 XT455412 5 bunkers 6' down 3' back 3x4 3' OHC BIP rec activity
1149      A trp 30 6 fighting positions1 RPG#2 recent activity 2 CS grenades, XT454414
1223      A Trp  Class I, found total of 14 bunker 6 fighting positions
1717      A Trp entered Phase II
1736      A Trp closed in FSB Wood
Mar 12
0819      A Troop departed FSB Wood to begin mission
0932      A Trp 10 XT461404 A20 XT463407
1039      A Trp 10 XT461404 2 bunkers 3’ OHC 1’down 4’ back recent activity
            A Trp 30 XT461405 5 bunkers down 6’ back 3’ 3’ OHC 3 15lb shape charge
            W/ det cord BIP recent activity
1045      A Trp found piece of paper 2x3" at bunkers
1200      A Trp Class I
1443      A Trp 30 request 1 US routine dust-off XT464403 man w/broken ankle
1530      A Trp 40 XT46403 found 4 bunkers 2 12x12 2' OHC 25 lb sack of rice
            50 can of rice link of M60 ammo,1 m16 mag BIP also 1/8 lb documents
1620      A Trp closed Wood
1705      A Trp 10 closed Wood
1852      A Trp 20 &18A night activities left FSB Wood
Mar 13
0704      A Troop 1st Plt departed FSB Wood for road sweep
0851      A Troop reports all roads cleared conducted mounted recon on axis XT517364
1345      A Trp set up AP XT510410
1500      A Trp 10 & 30 XT531358  A20 XT509399
1529      A Trp 30 XT531358 1 M60 can rice 1 month old 1 50cal can rice
1537      A Trp 20 XT509391 1 tunnel 11’ down 20’ wide blown in place
1626      A Trp 10 & 20 XT532355 2 US frag, 1M16 mag 25 – 30 rnds M79 bunker 5x2 15’ tunnel BIP also
            AK47 receiver no barrel w/no guts.
1635      A trp Phase II
1810      A Trp 10 & 30 closed Wood
1908      A Trp 20 & A picked up enroute to Wood
1945      A Trp element closed
Mar 14
0714      A Troop departed FSB Wood for road sweep
0840      A Troop reports all roads cleared conducted mounted recon on axis XT462404 found 1 bunker &
            1 105 round.
1640      Entered Phase II
1810      All elements closed in FSB Wood
Mar 15
Summary - 3rd Plt was on a clearing operation and in or near the razorbacks and came upon a heavily booby trapped area.  All of the enemy explosives and booby traps were found and disarmed preventing possible future casualties.
0720      A Troop departed FSB Wood for road sweep
0815      A Trp roads clear 130-120
0827      A Trp roads clear 130-129
0828      A Trp 10 departing FSB
0941      A Trp 10 XT457407 20 XT466405 30 XT454386
0947      A Trp 30 XT454386 4 BBT (booby trap) Chi com HG trip wired to trees BIP, 4 4x6x6 bunkers 3’ OHC
            carrying case  w/5 82 mm fuses 1 smoke grenade, 3 M 79 canister rounds
1000      A Trp 30 XT454386 3 M72 LAW Rockets1 w/nosecone removed 4 BBT, 2 Chi Com HG BBT,
            1 mackarel can BBT trip wired 1 can BBT pressure det. 
1101      A Trp 30 XT454386 1 fuse for 105, 1 60 can w/cloth 1 sheet of paper w/ writing
1137      A Trp 10 XT457409 20 XT465402 30 XT454386
1400      A Trp 30 XT455387 20 XT466397 10 XT455410 inserted AP XT459404, BT 30 2 bunkers
            4x4x6 3’ OHC 1 down 4’ back 4’ 4x4
1421      Changed in A Trp AP #1 to Div received RN
1835      A Trp 10 link w/A elem enroute Wood Negative results
1944      A Trp 10 and A elem closed Wood
Mar 16
0005      Commo check made with A Troop secure
0020      A Trp dismounts out.
0200      A Trp returned to NOP – neg results
0215      A Trp Neg Sitrep
0716      A10 leaving Wood
0822      A Trp roads clear 130-125
0950      A10 XT489390, 20 XT458391
1042      A30 leaving Wood
1049      A Trp reacting to downed aircraft
1105      A Trp linked with 15
1107      A Trp request 2 routine US ambulatory Dust Offs,
             BBT in tree, minor frag wounds & powder burns
1152      A10 XT496387, 1 grave 1 body approx 5 days, old khaki trousers & shirt
             KIA to small arms
1220      A Trp 30-5 lbs roots, dry fish
1246      A Trp Dust off complete enroute 25th Med Co.
1340      A10 XT508381 2 bunkers 4x6 1 trench E to W 30 meters 2x3 recent act
             A20 XT453397 4 bunkers 6x10 recent act 30 XT425413 small bunkers
1510      A10 XT508386 1 tunnel 2x3x7 2 entrances 3’OHC  neg activity
1600      A Trp XT425428 4 to 5 lbs rice in bag cooking pot, bag of salt
1607      A30 XT425420 found toothpaste, toothbrush 15 lbs rice in sandbag also 
                first aid pack
1627      A20 Phase II
1643      A10 Phase II
1655      A30 XT425420 200 lbs rice
1751      A10 & 20 closed wood                 
1855      A30 XT433407 sited 1 individual engaged w M16 checking area
2020      A Trp dismounted AP in position
2044      A Trp elements in position Dismounts. XT434408, 1St M XT435400 2nd M XT436394
Mar 17
SUMMARY: (4 journal pages missing) A troop at 0723 departed FSB Wood to begin road sweep A 08:30 reported all roads cleared, Conducted mounted recon XT420389,417402,438413,428404,438413,440413. Found 17 fighting positions, 200 rounds AK Ammo 1 bunker containing 2 60 cans of 200 rounds Ak in quick loads 200 rounds M 16 ammo 7 chi com hand grenaded At 1627 entered____ at 1831 closed in FSB Wood
0015      A Trp unable to give secure commo check
0305      A Troop sniper at XT441407 engaged 12 VC Illum requested
0306      Arty clearance on XT441407 engaged twice more w/ illumination
                negative results
0630      A Trp APs linking up
0652      A Trp mounted & dismounted sweeping area of sniper contact
Mar 18
SUMMARY: (page 1 missing) A troop at 0733 AP closed in NOP A Trp  Conducted mounted recon XT445374,426402,445374,427403,448381,448381 Atrp mounted AP at XT441378. Dismounted night ambush
patrol by 3rd platoon at XT434382.
1138      A10 XT448381 20 XT428402
1244      A10 XT445383 20 XT429403 9 bunkers 3x3x3 3’ OHC
1947      A30 AP in position
2032      A Trp APs in position
Mar 19
0500      Neg contact A Trp
0600      Neg Sit rep A Trp
0707      A20 extracted AP returning to FSB Wood
0720      A Trp AP & A20 closed FSB Wood
0725      A30 departing on sweep
0820      A Trp road clear 130-127
0830      A Trp road clear 130-120
1145      A20 departing on sweep
1200      A10 departing on sweep
1348      A10 XT422413 & A20 XT430400
1522      A Trp Phase II
1534      A30 XT430402 15 bunkers 5- 4x8x4 10- 4x4 BIP, also M72 rocket
            1 chi com MG 1 anti tank mine 1 set trousers mackeral cans, 1 ammo box for M 16  rounds
1545      A20 XT430402 found VN letters apparently to home will evacuate
1550      A20 Phase II
1633      A20 & A30 closed NDP
1715      A Trp NDP site at XT436402
1723      A Trp XT422389 found 1 RPG 2 rounds BIP
1800      A Trp closed NOP
Mar 20
SUMMARY: (first 2 pages of journal missing) A Troop at 0834 departed FSB Wood to begin road mission. Conducted mounted recon at XT447411,446549,439559,438556. At 1940 closed in NOP(2 pages missing)
1940      A Trp closed NOP
2000      A Trp NOP site XT440549
Mar 21   (first 3 pages of journal missing)
2000      A Trp NOP site XT451548
2201      A Trp firing mortars Az 056 Range 540 meters on new site of moving individual
            with Ox cart behind him
Mar 22  
SUMMARY: (first 3 pages of journal missing)  A Troop at 0706 departed NOP to begin road mission. Conducted mounted recon XT450549,450558,437558,443663 ,447565,435558’436566. At 1723 closed in NOP
2000      A Trp AP in position XT455556
2205      Passed Ball Game to A Trp
Mar 23
SUMMARY: The only significant enemy caches found during this period were by Troop A, 3-4 Cav on 23 and 24 March approximately 10 kilometers north of the Ben Cui Rubber Plantation (XT426580, XT432560, XT432554). 12:45 hrs, A medical cache containing 100 pounds of penicillin pills, five pounds of unidentified red powder, ten pounds of sulphate, seven pounds of unidentified pink pills, one five gallon can of ether, one .50 caliber can of ether vials, two .50 caliber cans of syringes and surgical thread, two .50 caliber cans of powdered penicillin in bottles, one .50 caliber can of unidentified yellow powder, four quart bottles of ether, one five gallon can of chloroform, nine bottles of malaria pills, five pounds of unidentified yellow pills, two 500ml bags of glucose, three pounds of unidentified orange pills, nine pounds of unidentified orange powder, 18 pounds of unidentified white pills, two bags of surgical thread, and two CKC rifles was located by the troop. KIA John Rick
0020      Neg contact with A Trp secure
07??       A10 & A20 departing NOP
0837      A30 departing NOP
0940      A10 XT440565 20 XT421566 30 XT431566
1005      A20 XT421567 8 bunkers 8x10x5 2’ OHC 50 can med supplies syringes documents
             2 notebooks activity within last  24 hours
1017      A20 XT421567 small rice grinder will evacuate
             A20 XT421567 trap door 2 50 cns with documents 1000 sand bags 100lbs
             CC C-4 10 loaded AK mags red flag w/ hammer & sickle
             A30 XT426580 hole 15x15x4 wood roof trap door 3x4 full of med supplies
1250      A30 XT426580 1 bunker 15x15 down inside had trap door w room 10x5x5 having
               80 to 100 lbs penicillin tablets US type some alchol & either 10-50 cans little vials of
               liquid and pink tablets 2 CKC rifles gray cloth 1yd x 3yd black cloth
1436      A Trp 10 XT46582 20 XT418566 30XT426581
1451      A Trp all elements Phase II
1502      A Trp 20 XT416566 25-30 bunkers 8x10x5 recent activity fodd left in pots & pans
1520      Rap up of A Trp find of med supplies XT426580 5 bs raddish & black powder
                 10 lb sulphate 100 lbs peniicillen pills 7 lbs pink pills 15 gal can either 1 50 can
                 bottled ether4 qts ether 1 5gal can chloroform 9bottle malaria pills 1 5 gal can
                 of unknown substance 5 lbs plaster 4 lbs yellow pills 3lbs orange pills 2 50 cans
                 penicillin in bottles 50 can syeings 1 bag glucose 9 lbs white powder18 lbs white
                 pills  2 bags surgical thread
1650      A Trp heard small arms fire 3 dismounts engaged 3-5 VC
1730      found 2 of 3 indiv missing w light frag wounds 1 indv still missing
1840      missing indv ?.  John Rick KIA
2000      A Trp AP in position XT455556- 3rd PLT operating w/portable bridge in Razorbacks.  Uncovered a large medical supply bunker.
Mar 24
Summary: 1100 hrs 4,720 pounds of rice were evacuated. 1515 hrs 50 pounds of medical supplies were evacuated.
0807      A20 & A30 departing NOP
0953      A20 & A30 at XT410562
1037      A Trp XT432560 soap in 50 can 21 bags rice 35-40 lbs 3 RPGs 2 rounds, 3 RPG boosters
1100      A30 XT432560 45 bags rice 35-40 lbs each
1130      A10 XT436561 2 bunkers 5x5 2’ OHC 30 XT432560 50 bags rice 35-40 lbs each
            100 lbs in bunker  3x5x6
1305      A10 XT436562  A20 & A30 XT431559
1415      A20 XT431554 3 graves 1 body in each approx 1 week old BT, A30 XT431559 1 50 can w/med
            forms blank 100 lbs flour disgarded BT bodies wearing NVA uniforms
15??      A Trp XT431554 approx 40-50lbs med supplies Vitamin K Vitamin C adrenalin 12 lbs glucose
            assorted colored pills 2 lbs yellow pills 10 lbs white powder 3 lbs sulphur majority of substances
            could not be classified w definite nomanclature
1621      A10 XT435536 1 bunker 4x4x3 1 overhead cover & blown in place.
1716     A10 closed NOP
1750     A Trp 2nd & 3rd Plts closed NOP
2020     Passed A Trp Ball Game
2100     Passed A Trp Linda for Ranger Team
Mar 25
????      A Trp All elements departing NOP
0909     A Trp all elements at XT433560
1100     A10 & A20 XT426560  A30 XT430560
????      A Trp 20 XT425561 3 bunkers 1 chi com potato masher HG 50 M 16 rounds in Sandbags, loose.
           some military some commercial Remington manufactured
????      A20  Class I XT419557  A30 enroute FSB Wood
????      A10 XT426560 10 NVA unifors 1 VC balck pajamas BT, A20 XT425561. BBT gas stove fuel tank full
           of C-4 detonate by tightening filler cap making electrical connection.
????      A10 & A20 XT436562 A30 XT430560
????      A20 XT436562 Butterfly bomb BIP
1420     A Trp granted Phase II
1422     A Trp 30 XT430560 40 bunkers 8x10x5 2’ OHC BIP & destroyed
2040     A Trp closing Wood at this time
Mar 26
0745      A Trp elements departing Wood
0820      A Trp CP 137
0831      A30 between 131 & 138 down Sheridan will short track
0850      A10 & A20 CP140
0909      A10 & A20 CP 145
1006      A10 & A20 close Cu Chi  A30 at CP147 closed Cu Chi
1020      Stand-down until 4/1
Mar 27 Stand-down at Cu Chi base camp.
Mar 28 Stand-down at Cu Chi base camp.
Mar 29 EASTER.  Stand-down at Cu Chi base camp.  Warning order to go to Bear Cat. 25th Division Lessons Learned for the Feb/Mar reporting period list 48 E-T58 CS cannisters lusters dropped in support of troops in contact.  (5,200 pounds of micro-pulverized CS powder was dropped from CH-47 aircraft on enemy assembly areas & base camps.  7,825 gallons of diesel fuel and 6,023 gallons of defoliant were sprayed around base camp, fire support base perimeters and approved defoliation projects in the Division Tactical area of operations.
Mar 30 Stand-down at Cu Chi base camp.
Mar 31 Stand-down at Cu Chi base camp.

Apr 7
- Conduct ops from Bear Cat Post.
- Post roads and conduct RIFs.
Apr 12
- Conduct ops in old 9th Div AO.
Apr 21
- Post roads.
- Operate from FSB North Dakota & Firestone Trail.
Apr 27
- Major move and road march.
- A Troop assigned to FSB Rhode Island w/ infantry & Australians.
30 Apr

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