A Troop, 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry 25th ID - Veterans

Timeline: TET Counteroffensive, 
30 Jan 1968 - 1 Apr 1968
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     We are building timelines for the Troop's service in Vietnam. If you have award citations, SITREP's, AAR's or other documents, they can provide dates that can add to the timelines.  David Olsen, A18 Oct 68 to Oct 69, is our volunteer coordinator for the Winter-Spring 1970 timeline. 
     Note 1: Entries that include an exact time or grid coordinates have been extracted from offical documents.  If no time is provided it is a recollection from a unit member.

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Jan 30
- The Squadron secured major areas along MSR.
Jan 31
0035 -
SC15 spotted movement in the wood line at Hoc Mon. Fired a warning shot & 1 old man wounded.
0307 -
Sounded mortar attack siren at 0306H.
0314 -
A Trp, SB, SC, SH, and LRRP - all personnel accounted for, neg casualties at this time.
0350 -
A Trp, SB, SC, Centaur, SH, and LRRP notified of stand-down. Now mustering troops for count.
0415 -
SC notified of poss reaction force to Hoc-Mon to block VC Regiment escape, to results ar attack on Ton-Son-Nhut AFB. VC may be dressed as ARVNs.
0425 -
SC notified to mount vehicles and standby until further notice. SC6 notified. They will come to the TOC for briefing.
0432 -
BC under 2nd mortar attack.
0440 -
SC personnel on track. Centaur personnel are present and accounted for.  A Trp personnel accounted for. LRRP personnel accounted for. SH personnel accounted for.
0445 SC15 and SB SITREP No Change.  Warrior notified that SC will be moving out to escort a blocking force.
0445 Trang-Bang is under attack.  SB10 receiving sniper fire. DTOC notified.
0457 Stand-Down 0456H, A Trp, SB, Sc, Cen, SH, LRRP.
0511 Sa Stand-to complete.
0512 SC6 and elements on move at this time.
0517 SC elements cleared the Main Gate3. SC status is 3 Officers, 113 EM, 17 PCs, 4 tanks, and 2 M106's. A Trp status is 4 Officers, 106 EM, 7 tanks, 18 PCs, 1 M106, and 1 VTR.
0532 Mortar alert sounded 3rd time.
0605 A Trp, SB sweep to Cu-Chi and C.P. 31.
0620 A Trp, SB holding sweeps.
0645 SC to go to XT795943 when unknown VC are at EST location. They have rockets
0653 A Trp10 is beginning sweep from C.P. 178 to TBB. SB20 to sweep and BB to Cu-Chi. B sweep elements will hold at horse Shoe until further notice.
0700 SC is approaching Ton-Son-Nhut; will go to westside and support SC working on new push, 58.25
0702 SC is approaching gate and TSN
0706 A Trp10 departed C.P. 178 for sweep.
0708 SC is in contact this time and are taking heavy B40 rounds.
0710 SC6 has been hit. We are scrambling a gunteam at this time.
0716 A Trp sweep at C.P. 2.
0720 SC20 at approximately XS740980
0723 1 dustoff airborne to SC location.
0725 SB25 roadblocks at XT540178 at o715H, 2 RPG between dirt mounds and bushes; will clear tomorrow.
0724 A Trp10 C.P. 5.
0740 S6 ship went down. Centaur14
0742 A Trp and SB to bring troops to high state of readiness; also, A Trp sweep will remain at C.P. 31
0745 SC along MSR 1 still in heavy contact with and VC are trying to outflank from SW
0745 SB given a mission to move to TSN; also, A Trp is to deploy the other element not needed
0755 SB20 C.P. 21. B30 and 10 C.P.8.
0756 A Trp departing C.P. 178.
0800 S6 ship back and airborne this time; ship took hit, but not bad.
0803 A Trp C.P.2.
0805 S6 reports friendly ground forces coming up from the rear.  SC does not wish additional help this time.
0810 SB will continue to TSN; will have info for blaster.
0815 A Trp C.P. 5.
0823 A Trp will be sending elements ahead to relieve road blockers.
0825 A Trp30 C.P. 178. A Trp10 and Hq from David R2.8 U0.8 A Trp10 clearing road block from C.P. 21 to C.P. 22.
0830 S6 chopper down.
0830 SB cleared Hoc-Mon.
0837 blaster moving to Main Gate to link up with Saber Alpha.
0858 A Trp10 and 20 are going ahead to clear the road blocks.
0902 FACT will check with Saber6
0904 SB moving across SC31 front.
0905 Saber will attempt to send a medic track SC location with A Trp
0907 A Trp has linked up with Vindicator elements. They are on the move now.
0927 A Trp10 and Hq at C.P. 8 Returning to C.P. 31
0934 A Trp30 in Horse Shoe - MSR clear from C.P. 178 to C.P. 22.
0945 A Trp10 back receiving BB
0945 One ship got into Charlie location and two are ready to go in.
0950 FACT on station
0959 A Trp30 cleared C.P.21, enroute to C.P.31
1010 20 VC Bn in region captured enough gun powder, occupying US Embassy. 2nd Bde rendering 2nd (second) Bn to react.
1022 SB and SC linking up to provide security for evacuation.
1025 A Trp10 have artillery at location.
1035 SC5 reports 3 PC's total and 1 BB totaled.
1045 SB reports 4 more dusted off
1112 All 5 elements alert now.
1113 C15 requesting dustoff.
1115 Approximately 2 more to be dusted off.
1116 SC31. All wounded out.
1118 Sc MSR 1 convoy of TSN have taken arrival pers, both vehicles and pers.  SB has three people to be deployed west of the runway and sweep SW periodic fire 1 Pl in heavy contact.
1122 SC requested dustoff at 789952
1123 Hoc-Mon dirt trail in heavy contact.
1130 SC reports being mortared and want to know if they may be of assistance
1140 SC going down to base about getting ground troops to organize ground sweep.
1145 SC6 is still undergoing surgery
1150 SC10 dustoff complete
1155 Mustang elements will be sweeping from north to link with SB elements
1157 2 VC Bn's still around the US Embassy and there are significant numbers of ground troops at Hoc-Mon in serious trouble; also, Tai-Khe has been under ground attack since about 0930H.
1200 A Trp has returned to C.P.178
1230 2nd Brigade will not send any elements to Ton-Son-Nhut as there is an element (Dog Force) coming from the First Division.
1235 C31 requests dustoff of 1 man who is in shock and not wounded badly.
1240 SB35 needs dustoff. One is in contact.
1302 Saigon Embassy is now back in US control
1310 SC dustoff complete. Going to Bravo.
1317 SB10 has 10 POWs, and to Ton-Son-Nhut
1330 Centaur has 5 aircraft hit 4 UH1C, 2 OH23, others?.
1353 SB6 requested 90mm HE ammo.
1410 SC has a total of 11 KIA, 2 unk, N/A WIA this time.
1430 SC65 has a total of 11 KIA, 23 WIA
1456 S6 body count 97, POW's 20.
1505 S3 to A Trp6. move remaining elements to GDH at 1630H.
1538 SB6. 134 Body Count and 25 POW
1540 Sb65. Roster #9. Status change from WIA to KIA
1600 SC6 requested dustoff for 1 WIA
1614 SH101 1 WIA, roster 93
1618 A Trp6 aircraft drew automatic fire 50-175 meters south of fire support base at Ton-Son-Nhut
1621 Centaur65. Centaur4 received heavy automatic weapons fire at C.P. 'E'
1640 A Trp10 and 30 started move now.
1648 SB65 request A Trp come down to SB push for resupply request.
1655 S6, SC SB night Location vic XT785930
1718 A Trp closed C.P. 178
1725 Fm S8. SC have 2 APC destroyed and also 1 tank was destroyed.
1800 From SB65. POWs, 23 VC BC, 146
1801 To SB65. there are a large number (90 KIA). resupply will be dropped - LN90 is a KIA
1815 SB6. to Saber 6. Orders to level textile building at 787957
1830 S6 requests to know if A Trp was in contact. is being done by element OPCON LO
1855 SB30 needs dustoff for 3 Killers.
1920 15 US KIA, 23 US WIA, 146 VC KIA BC, 23 POW's.
1922 Updated VC BC to 162.
2002 S6. SC LO 805981 where ARVNs are receiving fire at gate 005, present loc 229971
2026 5 airstrikes (3 ARVNs and 2 US) completed mission at textile factory.
2110 From MID: Concerning and of POW and Units. 16 men - D-16 Bn 1 fm D-14, 1 fm 3d Bn, 66th Regt, 304 NVA, 1 from 6 Bn, 8th Regt. 5th Div, NVA 1 - 2nd Bn Long An Provincial Forces. 1 - 4th Bn 46th Regt, 120th NVA 1 -10th Bn, but not from C10 MR4. Movements: D16 from Tay-Ninh Prov to Me Parrats Peak to Ton-Son-Nhut. 2nd Bn Long-An from South of Duc-Hoa to Ton-Son-Nhut. 1 man D-16 personnel guess poss route of retreat along Saigon River to North, exact loc unk.
2120 OP XT493207 is in heavy contact with 2 Cos of VC
2202 A Trp element SITREP No Change
2220 BC perimeter receiving fire.
2222 271 Regt, 274th Regt, 275th Regt, 506th Bn, 6th Local Force, C-10 Bn, 267th Bn, 269th Bn, 2nd Tng Area Bn, possibly in region 272 and 84. F D-14 all individuals in one and moving.  The 101st and 165th as well as 273d are known to be in Saigon, but in north 2 Co. Here, 1 BN Nha-Trang, 1 BN ambushed Nha-Trang. Spread mortar fire throughout their areas.
2230 Bunker line received a few rounds and then returned fire.
2235 Go-Dau-Ha compound did receive mortars. They believe their compound is being surrounded at this time.
2240 Saber7 reports bunker line may be receiving small arms fire, but very light this time.
Jan 31/Feb 1
-  C Troop (-) reacted to Ton Son Nhut Air Base.  The Troop was ambushed outside gate 051.  The Squadron reacted with Troop D and Troop B (+).  The results of action was 3 APC completely lost, 1 Tank completely lost, 7 APC damaged, 14 US KHA, 64 US WHA, 309 VC KIA (BC), 24 VC PW, 1 Chicom radio, numerous weapons and equipment.
- 0400 hours call from the division tactical operations center (DTOC) gave Squadron Cdr the be prepared mission to move one troop southeast to a strategic town on the northwestern outskirts of A TrpIGON and the huge TON SON NHUT Airbase complex. (AVDCCG 29 November 1968 COMMANDERS COMBAT NOTE NUMBER 20, Combat Action Analysis Number 6).
- The S3 immediately alerted C Troop (minus one platoon) which was available at the division base camp. The squadron's other two ground troops were deployed along the main supply route (MSR) to the northwest of the base.
- B Troop was located at a bridge site 15 kilometers up the road and A Troop was positioned at an artillery fire support base 28 kilometers away. The detached C Troop platoon was providing security for a critical MSR bridge 10 kilometers to the southeast in the vicinity to which the remainder of the troop was preparing to move.
- Having no contingency plan for a reaction mission to the town to the southeast and with no information concerning what was taking place there, the S3 immediately drove to the DTOC to discuss the situation with the division G3. Information available to the operations officer and his staff at the DTOC was sketchy. The division had received a be prepared mission from its higher headquarters to react to an enemy threat in the vicinity of the town, but the exact nature of the threat had not been defined.
- While the S3 was at the DTOC, division received the order to send immediately one cavalry troop into the town. There it would be met by a representative of the major command headquarters for the area who would provide further instructions. This mission and special instructions were passed to the squadron S3, and at approximately 0430 hours the tanks and armored personnel carriers (APC) of the Headquarters element and two platoons of C Troop moved in column formation through the main gate of the division base camp and turned southeast down the MSR.
- Since the area to which the troop was moving was not in the squadron's normal area of operations, few maps of the vicinity were available within the squadron headquarters. As the troop commander moved out he was able to locate one map of the area. He personally had been in the area only once during his tour and was only vaguely familiar with the terrain and surroundings in which he would be operating.
As the troop wheeled southeast along the MSR, the troop commander ordered his vehicles off the highway to move cross-country parallel to the roadway. He reasoned that if anything big was taking place to his southeast, the enemy might well attempt to interdict the MSR with mines, road blocks and ambushes to cut off reinforcements.
- While the troop was reacting towards the town, a message was received at division TOC from higher headquarters changing the unit's original mission. The troop was to proceed with all haste beyond the town and further south to TON SON NHUT Airbase which was under attack from the west by an estimated 300 enemy troops. The troop would be met on the MSR before it reached the airbase by a jeep which would guide the unit to the location where it was needed.
- In response to this message, the DTOC requested information concerning the situation at TON SON NHUT: namely, on which side of the road was the enemy located, what information was available relative to the enemy units which were in the area, and did the troop have clearance to fire all its organic weapons in this heavily populated and developed area? In the confusion which existed at the time, no direct reply to these questions was forthcoming before the troop was doing battle.
- As C Troop approached the town, the change of mission message was flashed to it over the squadron command radio net. With these new instructions in affect, the troop commander ordered his column to roll past the town and remain on the road to push the remaining nine kilometers to the western approaches to TON SON NHUT. As it moved down the road, the column encountered no resistance. The troop commander noted, however, that the several villages and populated areas along the way were deserted.
Approaching the airbase at approximately 0700 hours, the column found no jeep waiting along the road to serve as its guide. The troop commander directed his unit to continue moving. In the vicinity of the west gate to TON SON NHUT, the tanks and armored personnel carriers came under heavy automatic weapons and small arms fire from a large textile factory on the west side of the highway. Returning this fire as it moved, the column continued approximately 200 meters south of the factory where the lead tank was struck by a rocket propelled grenade (RPG). The crippled tank came to a halt blocking the highway and stopping the remainder of the column behind it. Immediately the troop came under heavy fire from both sides of the road. The cavalrymen dismounted and deployed to the ditches along the road to return the enemy's fire. The mounted cannon and 50 caliber machine guns on the tanks and APC's also swung into action laying down a heavy screen of fire to both the east and west.
- Unknown to the troop commander at the time was the fact that his unit had sliced directly across the path of a three battalion enemy assault on TON SON NHUT Airbase from the west. His column had come to a halt in such a position as to cut off an estimated 300 enemy troop who had breached the airbase perimeter and occupied the western end of the active east-west runway from the main body of the enemy force which was moving in from the west in anticipation of throwing a knockout blow at the airbase.
The crossfire in which the troop found itself was intense. One tank and three armored personnel carriers were knocked out by the initial outburst of fire and were aflame. Within five minutes, the troop commander was seriously wounded and unconscious on the deck of an APC and the other officers in the formation were either killed or wounded. Command of the troop was taken by a sergeant-first-class who directed the unit's actions until the arrival of reinforcements. One of the sergeant's first actions was to radio a situation report to his squadron commander and request reinforcements and supporting fires.
- The squadron commander's reaction to this call was immediate and threefold. A request had earlier been placed with the division G3 to release the detached C Troop platoon from its bridge security mission so that it could join its parent unit at TAN SON NHUT. This request had initially been denied. When he learned that C Troop was in heavy contact and the situation at TON SON NHUT was extremely critical, the squadron commander again made the request which this time was quickly approved. At approximately 0710 hours, the platoon at the bridge was ordered to move immediately down the 14 kilometers separating it from the contact area to reinforce the troop.
- Secondly, B Troop which was located at the bridge site northwest of the division base camp and 39 kilometers from the contact area had been given a be prepared mission at 0430 hours to react to the C Troop move to the south should that maneuver develop a contact. At approximately 0710 hours, B Troop was given the order to reinforce C Troop at TON SON NHUT. Already mounted and ready to move, B Troop was on the road and racing to the southeast at maximum speed within minutes.
- Thirdly, as soon as the C Troop contact was reported, the squadron commander requested and received permission from the DTOC to scramble the helicopter gunships from D Troop, the squadron's organic air cavalry unit. Within minutes of the request for supporting fires, these gunships were airborne for the five minute flight to the airbase.
- The C Troop platoon located on the bridge to the northeast of TAN SON NHUT mounted up and pushed down the road towards the airbase on order. At approximately 0730 hours the platoon was approaching the contact area. At this point, the platoon leader was contacted over the radio by the squadron commander who had arrived over the contact area in his command and control (C and C) helicopter only moments before. The squadron commander had made a rapid estimate of the situation. Fully aware of the forces that were available to him, he quickly devised a plan to destroy the massive enemy force he could now observe moving on C Troop and the airbase from the west.
- Instead of ordering the platoon to link up with its parent troop by driving straight down the road, the squadron commander directed the platoon column to turn east off the MSR at an airbase gate several hundred meters north of the contact area. He then guided the platoon to the western end of the active east-west runway where a base security force was engaging the enemy troop who had penetrated the perimeter. Bringing the platoon on line facing the enemy, the squadron commander ordered the column to drive through the enemy formation to link up with the troop several hundred meters away on the road .
With hesitating, the platoon moved forward at high speed rolling over the startled enemy to its front. This maneuver, in addition to killing many enemy, created havoc with the enemy formation causing it to disperse and scatter. As the platoon rolled to its link up, the enemy force to the rear of C Troop was no longer an effective fighting formation and was easily handled by the airbase security personnel who counter attacked to exploit the situation.
- While the platoon was executing this maneuver, four armed helicopters of D Troop arrived on station over the contact area. The squadron commander ordered the gunships to concentrate their automatic weapons and rocket fire on the large number of enemy troop now congested in the large open field to the immediate west of C Troop's position on the road. At this point, C Troop's fire had pinned down the lead elements of this enemy force, and the remainder continuing its advance was piling up directly behind the stalled lead elements. Large groups of enemy suddenly found themselves in a exposed position as the four helicopters raked them with repeated strafing passes up and down the field.
- The sudden appearance of the armored column across his route of advance, the maneuvering of the platoon to link up with its parent troop and the devastating attack of the helicopter gunships served to throw the enemy attacking forces into general confusion. At approximately 0815 hours, the B Troop commander advised his squadron commander that the lead vehicles in the troop column were rapidly approaching TAN SON NHUT.
- The column had raced the 39 kilometers between its original position and the contact area in approximately one hour.  In route the troop had encountered no resistance by fire but did smash through several hastily constructed roadblocks that appeared across the road. The troop commander did not have a map of the area, and he was requesting instructions from the squadron commander. With this the squadron commander still over the battlefield in his command and control helicopter was ready to apply the final blow to his hastily devised plan to destroy the enemy attack.
- Coordinating all elements on his squadron command radio net, the commander directed the helicopter gunships to take up positions on the southern flank of the battlefield and to seal that escape route by fire.
He then directed B Troop to execute a column right off the MSR on to the unimproved road which formed the northern flank of the battlefield.  The lead platoon of the troop was to continue approximately 1,000 meters to the west, do a column left and come up on line. There the platoon was to establish a blocking position sealing the battle area on the west to destroy enemy attempting to escape in that direction.
The headquarters element of B Troop was instructed to direct its fire on the enemy located in the factory complex to the north of the contact area. The remaining two platoons were ordered to come on line along the enemy's northern flank and from that position attack to the south through the enemy. The two platoons were to push to the southern end of the battlefield, turn about and attack back to its starting position, In the meantime, C Troop was to maintain its position on the road and support B Troop's movement across its front by fire.
- Within minutes all elements were in position, and the squadron commander ordered the attack. The speed with which the maneuver developed, the crushing effect and firepower of the tanks and armored personnel carriers attacking into his midst and the presence and firepower of the cavalry elements on three sides created chaos in the enemy's formation causing it to disperse and scatter. The two platoon line pushed through the enemy, wheeled about and again rolled over the enemy positions. By the time the tanks and armored personnel carriers returned to their initial positions, the enemy attack was broken and his troops were withdrawing in all directions.
- Sporadic fighting in the contact area continued throughout the morning and into the afternoon. Pockets of enemy troops had dug into hastily prepared positions within the contact area and had to be dislodged in close fighting. In addition, the squadron turned its tanks to the task of blasting and crushing airbase perimeter bunker position that had been occupied by the enemy and were being stubbornly defended.
The squadron also oriented its fires on the enemy occupied factory. Late in the morning and throughout the afternoon U.S. and South Vietnamese Air Force fighter bombers delivered repeated strikes against the enemy lodged within the several buildings which made up the complex. By the time these attacks were completed, the factory had been leveled and was aflame, and the enemy had been forced out.
These later actions notwithstanding, however, the squadron had won its battle several hours earlier with the destruction of the enemy assault on the airbase.
- A reorganization and muster of the squadron's units on the west side of the airbase late in the afternoon revealed the 15 cavalrymen had been killed in the intense fighting while 23 were wounded. The squadron also lost one tank and three armored personnel carriers. A police of the battlefield over a two day period turned up over 400 enemy bodies, 348 of which were attributed directly to the squadron's actions.

Feb 1
-  Troop B and C began search and destroy mission vic Tan Son Nhut to destroy the remainder of VC/NVA forces in area.  The Squadron was OPCON 2nd Bde 1st Infantry Division until the termination of operations 7 February which results were 3 VC KIA (BC) and 1 VC KIA (POSS).
- The Squadron (-) then went OPCON to the 3rd Bde 25th Infantry Division.  The Squadron (-) and Co A, 1/27 Inf began search and destroy operations vic Hoc Mon (XT7604).  Troop B and Co A 1/27 Inf, were on line moving through area with Troop C as reaction force when Co A 1/27 Inf made heavy contact.  Troop C moved up to support Co A 1/27 Inf.
Feb 6
0045 -

A Trp sitrep, no change

0149 -
A Trp sitrep, no change
0300 -
A Trp sitrep, no change
0355 -
A Trp sitrep, no change
0400 -
A Trp sitrep, no change
0515 -
A Trp & S33 given correct time
0603 -
A Trp stand to complete
0635 -
A10 SP with 2 tanks, 4 PCs, 27EM, 1OFF
0715 -
A10 CP 2 and 5 waiting for fog to lift
0827 -
A10 found a booby trap mine in roadblock, will blow in place
1240 -
A10 CP 22 with engr elements
1253 -
A10 CP 21
1300 -
A10 East of builtup CP 28
1330 -
A10 CP 28 repair hole
1346 -
A10 CP 8 approx 30 min to repair
1505 -
A Trp SP CP 178
1507 -
A Trp lead of Corn CP 2
1540 -
A Trp lead CP 31 trail CP 5
1605 -
A10 CP 28
1615 -
A Trp lead CP 21
1700 -
A30 and HQ CP 8
1701 -
A20 and Corn Main Gate
1706 -
A30 CP 28
1715 -
A30 and HQ CP 21
1735 -
A30 and HQ CP 22
1750 -
A30 and HQ entering Main Gate 
1753 -
A30 and HQ in Motor Pool request permission to leave net, rog
2150 -
From G2 Sgt Julian: CCSS agent: 6 Feb VC have told people of CC from MOI Lon, Bao Tri to store rice and dig bunkers because CC SS and Base Camp would be attacked uneval:
2150 -
Bao Tri - CC SS will be attacked the night of Feb 6 VC will ambush relief force; 2045H CC SS received 82mm mortar and SA sniperfire; US special forces reported 1630 2 VC CO 269 Bn located XS635976 armed with 6 RPG-2; 2-81mm mortar and 2 60mm mortar intend to attack Duc Hoa tonight
2300 Mission for Saber tomorrow: (A) Be prepared to escort a convoy from CuChi to Ton Son Nhut (B) also be prepared to escort a convoy from Ton Son Nhut to CuChi
Feb 7
0125 -
Mortar alert sounded
0128 -
all troops, A Trp, SB, SC, D Trp, HHT, LRRP in bunkers and accounted for
0200 -
all clear given by Lobo TOC, A Trp, SB, SC, D Trp, HHT, LRRP
0205 -
neg hits, damage or casualties to any Saber areas or personnel, no aircraft damaged
0943 -
A Trp elements permission to enter net
1010 -
A10 and A20 HQ 20 SP MP
1100 -
A10 OP XT698090-668103
1118 -
A30 trail Main Gate SP this time
1121 -
A20 OP XT739033 XT744026
1215 -
A10 cleared CP E
1305 -
A65: A6 tried every freq on his prc25, neg results with HQ elements
1307 -
S3 on his way to A6 loc to coord return of Fords
1500 -
A6: will SP here 1530
1505  -
A30 elem and sheriff elem and 4 veh departed gate 055 enroute to CP 162
1535 -
A10 SP gate 051 with 3 lowboys VTR and two down Buicks also 4 veh (wheels)
1600 -
A10 CP 162 A Trp 30 CP 162 A Trp 20 SP
1615 -
A Trp  elem cleared gate 051
1705 -
A6 convoy Hoc Mon Bridge
1717 -
A Trp convoy lead CP D
1725 -
A Trp convoy trail CP D
1743 -
A Trp clear CP 22
1752 -
A Trp receiving sniper fire at Main Gate
1804 -
A Trp trail closed Main Gate
1806 -
From G3 Plans (Sgt Turpin) AO SADDLE is canceled as of 07-1800H
1840 -
From Tropic A Trp tasked with Base Camp Reaction Force for 07 Feb.
2040 -
From G2; 1 VC Bn XT495105; 1 VC Bn XT545163, 1 VC Bn XT553085 pos elem at XT537069 & XT534068, 1 VC Co XT503025 ARVN firing artillery
2205 -
From G3 A Trp will perform preventive maintenance tomorrow, will be on 30 min reaction force
Feb 10 The squadron contact continued with no night contact except aerial reconnaissance and ambush patrols in the area.  Results
of the action were 1 tank destroyed, 2 tanks damaged, 3 APC damaged, 10 US KHA, 53 US WHA, 102 VC KIA (BC).
0055 -
A65, SH6X, SB65,S6X, nep sitrep, neg contact with SC on either Saber or SC pushes
0158 -
SB sitrep, no change A Trp sitrep, no change
0200 -
SH, A Trp, SB, SC, sitrep, no change
0255 -
A Trp, SB, SC, SH, sitrep, no change
0357 -
A Trp, SB, SC, SH, sitrep, no change
0455 -
A Trp sitrep, no change SB sitrep, no change LP inside perimeter
0545 -
To A65 upon departure SC your will shift to cover perimeter
0605 -
msg for A65 standto complete LP's 1-2&3 returned to perimeter
0624 -
A6 and SH6 notified to come to this location XS735933
0815 -
to Flex A Trp crossing LD
0940 -
A Trp loc from S R0.7 D2.0 negative results
1031 -
A Trp cross PL St Louis
1055 -
A Trp XS731963 1 detainee Entire Cheese will process due to area of responsibility
1140 -
A Trp status of detainee at XS731963 is 2 instead of 1 also identified as VC verified by documents
1240 -
A Trp loc from S R2.2 D1.3 neg contact
1350 -
A Trp location from Zulu U1.8 L1.5
1457 -
A Trp from Zulu L0.7 U0.3 neg contact
2056 -
A Trp sitrep, no change
2140 -
Intel report from Rainy Towel10X VC will attack Saigon area from N&S with equilivent force of 2 Div. 1 from N thru GoVap 1 from S thru ChoLan, will wear red arm bands and force civilians to waer same US F-4 no time given
2155 -
A Trp sitrep, no change
2400 -
A Trp go to night blocking position XS7597
Feb 12
Troop A went OPCON to the 2nd Bde 25th Infantry Division.  They were on search and destroy mission vic Ap Cho (XT7006)
making contact with unknown size VC force.  They were in contact for 4 days resulting in A Troop being credited with 57 VC KIA (BC). A
Troop suffered 6 US KHA & 28 US WIA.
Feb 13

0025 -

A Trp LP's XT743980 - 744983 - 745983

0039 -
From S65 thru A65: CCBC under mortar attack
0047 -
Late entry: at 0030 A6 gave Flex 33 a full report on loss of A30 track which was OPCON to Mustang A during yesterdays operations.
0050 -
A5 reports all Saber personnel still under cover and accounted for, no damage Saber AO.
0305 -
Flex 33 req. to know specifically mission assigned to A Trp, B & C in todays operation
0500 -
Saber elements sitrep, no change, A Trp, SB, SC given correct time, neg. contact w/SH
0602 -
SH stand to completed, SC & A Trp, SB Saber elements stand  to complete
0737 -
A Trp status - 4 Off, 72 EM, 3 Buicks 12 Fords, 1 M106; SB status 4 Off, 54 EM, 2 B, 11 F SP0740
1002 -
A Trp & SB reports hedge rows clear in area - S6 feels this indicates a lack of VC in area
1035 -
A Trp clearing roadblocks vic 7300 along highway, found VC leaflets - will evacuate
1200 -
SB & SC finished in 1st obj will move to obj B & C 2 and hold till Trp A gets there.
1345 -
A Trp blocking from "C" L1.5 D4.0
1357 -
A Trp 1st block from "S" U4.6 R.8 to U4.1 R1.1 2d from "S" U3.7 to U3.2 R1.6
1604 -
SC6 departing area of operation, returning to this loc, A6 will follow behind
1630 -
SC- and A Trp- closed AA
2110 -
A Trp be ready to depart CP at BMNT and report to Warrior at bridge. SC to depart CP BMNT to TSN and escort convoy to Cu Chi
2156 -
SC sitrep, no change, SH, SB, A Trp
2225 -
From Warrior 3: A Trp OPCON 0500 14 Feb - want A Trp in position 0645 and will employ at 0720 A Trp come up on Mohawk push upon SP - Mohawk Romeo 6 come up on Saber push when SP with corn - SP depends on Warrior tactical operations in area vic CP D
2240 -
A Trp & SC sitrep, no change
2242 -
A Trp to pick up Mohawk at XT680098
2310 -
A Trp stand to 0415 SP 0630H A16 OPCON to SC: A Trp mess to go with SH
2335 -
A Trp, SB, SH sitrep, no change
Feb 14
Troop C and HHT returned to Cu Chi leaving Troop B OPCON 3RD Bde.
- A Trp in contact with NVA forces at Ap Cho. Six KIA. View photos/shadowboxes:  SSG Leonel Buentello, SSG Luther J Page, SSG Thomas A Johnson, SSG Vernon S Tscherter, SGT Charles O Penney, SSG Donald L Lloyd PFC Harrison Allen WIA & DOW in 1991.
Feb 16
Troop A and B closed Cu Chi.
Feb 17
- The next day the Squadron went OPCON 3rd Bde 25th Infantry Division.  The Squadron moved to vic XS7295.
Feb 19
- Troop C while returning to CP location was ambushed XS758979, returned fire resulting in 1 damaged tank, 2 US KHA, 2 US WHA, and VC losses were unknown.
Feb 20
- Troop D went OPCON 3/17 Cav.
Feb 21
- Troop B destroyed 18 bunkers, 4 foxholes, and captured 134 rounds of RPG-7, 1 RPG-2 round, 10 electric blasting caps, 4 22lb shape charges at XS702982.  Troop C made contact with unknown number VC/NVA XS719922.  Troop D and A reacted to the contact resulting in 3 US KHA, 20 US WHA, 1 UH-1C destroyed, 1 APC destroyed, 1 APC damaged, 135 VC KIA (BC), 3 VC KIA (POSS).  That evening the Squadron CP was mortared resulting in 12 US WHA and light damage to equipment, 2 VC KIA (BC).  1 VC PW.
- SP4 William T Conley, SSG James D Brown KIA.
Feb 22
- Troop C picked up 1 VC PW WIA with AK-47 while sweeping thru the area XS719922.  They also located 1 ea 7.62 type machinegun on wheels and 2 ea 9mm pistol vic same area.  Troop C observed one platoon size element moving east to west XS(illegible).  Engaged with artillery and spooky with unknown results.
- Troop B detonated a dud round resulting in 1 US WHA.
- Troop A and Troop L 3/11 ACR located 2 VC KIA (BC), 1 RPG-2 and 7 rounds AK-47s, misc. web gear, and 1 PBC-25.  The Squadron received heavy volume small arms sniper, automatic wpns and RPG fire, returned fire resulting in 1 US KHA, 3 US WHA, 1 VC KIA (BC).
- Troop C observed 15-20 VC moving behind berm, engaged with organic weapons resulting in 2 VC KIA (BC), 3 VC KIA (POSS), captured 1 AK-47.
Feb 23
Troop A located and destroyed 50 bunkers XS711931, 2 damaged RPG-7 rounds, and one box of 7.672 ammo.  Troop A later located a bunker which contained 1 AK-47, 1 M-16, 2 ea 9MM pistols with magazines, 2 chicon grenades, 2 lbs of documents, 1 medical kit, 1 NVA gas mask, and one field pack.
Feb 24
- Troop C on search and destroy, vic XS429997 captured numerous medical supplies, documents, 1 NVA gas mask, 1 AK-47 and destroyed one tunnel, one 500lb bomb, one 105mm round, 2 bunker complexes, 2 rounds 82mm mortar.  Troop B received unknown number small arms, automatic weapons and RPG rounds from three sites, followed by mortar attack, returned fire with organic weapons, air and artillery resulting in 1 US KHA, 6 US WIA, and 2 VC KIA (BC).

Feb 26  (Tropic Lightning 26 Feb 68:  Div Kills 400 Around Cu Chi By LT Bruce Burton:)

Feb 27
Troops A and B on search and destroy captured one detainee and ½ lbs documents, while destroying 30 bunkers.  On 26 February Troop A and C received small arms, automatic weapons, and RPG fire XT742015, returning fire with organic weapons, artillery, LFT and Tactical air, resulting in 1 US KHA, 13 US WHA, 1 APC damaged, 1 tank heavy damaged, 7 VC KIA (BC).

Mar 1
0001 - SA65 reports that SA35's LP has spotted 3 individuals approaching 75 meters from perimeter moving from South to           West over the berm when spotted.  Still have individuals in sight.
0030 - SA35 has lost sight of the 3 individuals.
0045 - SA has a negative SITREP.
0355 - SA reports stand-to is complete.
0518 - SA reports what appears to be mortars firing to the East in the tree line.
0620 - Stogey 31 is going to make a run at XT76730288. Flex 33 notified this was not area of the rocket site.
0630 - SA marked position with green star clusters.  1st Stogey 31 run clear of SA positions.
0657 - Stogey runs complete.
0750 - S5 reports that SA element knocked over a telephone pole on Hwy 1.  Reported to Micro Sunset. S5 has names.
0758 - New Saber lager is at XT713030.
0850 - All elements in new lager.
1045 - SA elements departing Saber lager.
1050 - SA from CP Hotel Right 1.5
1130 - SA from CP Oscar Right .4 Up 1.7
1305 - SA from Oscar Left 1, Down .1
1310 - SA elements departed for old AA (1240 hrs).
1400 - SA elements closed in AA at this time.
1915 - SA status: 4 tanks, 17 PCs 1 M106, 90 EM, & 5 officers.
1924 - SA 10 in position 39, SA20 moving to position 38, SA 30 moving to position 37.
1927 - SA 20 in position
1959 - SA30 in position
2053 - SA6 told not to go to positions 40,41,42 without calling 33 to lift arty fired at XS742996.
2113 - SA spotted 3 individuals in open are vicinity of blocking position 3 moving NW to SE.  Request permission to
          engage.  Granted by Flex 3.
2133 - SPOTREP: LA, SA elements; LB 3 individuals; LC XT709018; LD moving NW to SE in low crouch, could not ID
          weapons; LE lost sight, continuing to observe.
2350 - SA SITREP no change.
Mar 2
0050 - Flex 33 to SA, you can move at anytime.
0545 - SA elements on move back to AA.
0632 - SA elements closing in AA.
0800 - SA30 elements returning to blocking position 39 to search for a lost weapon.
0930 - SA30 returning to this location.  Have found lost weapon.
1915 - SA elements crossed SP at 1913 hrs.
1916 - From Flex 33 due to intel reports units to maintain exceptionally high readiness tonight.
1955 - SA in position.
1958 - SA locations: A20 &: Trp HQ at XT7070167; A10 at XT709020; A30 at XT710023.
2005 - From Flex 33 from Tropic 6. Heavy contact in III Corps area today. Be prepared for substantial enemy activity
          in the early morning hours.
2110 - From Flex 33, one element will be OPCON to 2/12 Inf on Mar 4 for daytime operations.
2350 - Negative SITREP.
Mar 3
0055 - SA SITREP: no change.
0220 - SA reports hearing AW fire to their NE at 1000 to 1500 meters.
0605 - SA returning to AA.
0921 - From Flex 33: warning order for S5-1 element of SA to prepare for escort duty.
0945 - From Flex 33 inform S5 that the escort will not be needed.
1101 - SA picked up 2 detainees without ID, will be checking them out.
1105 - Area of contact from CP O: right 1.1 up.2
1329 - SA will react to entry 28 and SP at 1330.
1335 - SA SP from AA at this time.
1345 - SA status: 4 tks, 18 M113, 1 M106, 90 EM & 4 officers.
1420 - SA near northern end, normal results, appears to be a lot of ARVN
1445 - SA returning to laager location.
1457 - SA elements closed CP.
1955 - SA ambush patrol departing AA.
2008 - A20 listening post departing AA.
2020 - SA in position.
2125 - SA ambush patrol in position at this time.
2155 - From Flame 3, SA CP 1 time 041000 Mar 68.
2330 - SA SITREP: no change.
Mar 4
SUMMARY - From Operation Saratoga AAR: Troop C and Co D 2/12 Inf on search and destroy vic XT760054 captured one AK-47 and set machinegun tools, 3 lbs of documents, one RPG-7 sight, destroying 19 Chicon grenades, 138 bunkers, 9 rounds of RPG-2 and 7, 6 RPG boosters, 600 meters commo wire, 1 M-17 protective mask, 300 lbs chicom C-4, and 200 rounds of AK-47.
0102 - SA SITREP: no change.
0505 - SA stand-to complete.
0530 - SA ambush patrol entered  AA. Will use same points of origin as yesterday.
0910 - SA Status Rpt: 3 officers, 97 EM, 19 APC, 4 TKs.  SA crossing SP.
0935 - SA at CP Lincoln.
0945 - SA going off of the net.
1645 - SA withdrew from area. 1 WIA & 1 VC KIA.
1655 - SA located at XT746023.
1945 - SA had sniper fire.  Flame element received AK 7 RPG fire.  SA got 1 VC KIA & 1 US WIA.
Mar 5
0558 - Stand-to complete.
1535 - SA & SB elements will go on an operation tomorrow.
1545 - From Flex 33: SA elements returned to Saber control.
1610 - SA elements at CP L.
1630 - From Saber 3: SA to have one LP tonight.
1638 - SA elements closing on AA.
2155 - LP in position at 2130 hrs.
2230 - SA6 reports his personnel observe one individual standing observing the perimeter. SA listening post is continuing
          to observe.
2251 - SA6 reports his element lost contact with individual.  Continuing to observe the area.
2354 - SITREP: no change.
Mar 6
SUMMARY - From Operation Saratoga AAR: 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry received SA,AW, and RPG fire from unknown size VC force, returned fire with all organic weapons, LFT, arty and Tactical Air, resulting in 1 US KHA, 19 US WHA, 1 APC combat loss, 1 APC damaged, 2 tanks damaged, 2 VC KIA (BC), and 15 bunkers destroyed.  3rd Squadron 4th Cavalry and D 2-12 Inf while on search and destroy mission vic XT7500 located 2 VC KIA (BC) in graves also destroying 215 bunkers, 4 anti-aircraft positions, 1 CKC grenade, 1 carbine stock and 5 helmets.
0054 - SITREP: no change.
0310 - SA LP spotted 4 individuals, 3 on line &: 1 approximately 50 to 100 meters N.  Gave permission to engage.
0350 - SA scanned area with infrared, did not fire. Negative results.
0610 - SA stand-to complete.
0635 - Cu Chi under mortar attack.
0730 - SA reached Line of Departure and deployed at this time.
0732 - SA Status Report: 9 Buicks, 18 Fords 92 EM, & 6 Officers.
0732 - Mustang Delta 1st lift on the ground.
0756 - Mustang Delta 2nd lift on the ground.
0823 - Mustang Delta & SA on LD.
0835 - SA at PL Black.  Mustang Delta close to PL Black. SB moving to PL BLack.
0845 - Mustang Delta (D/1/27 Inf) attached to SB effective now.
0906 - Saber elements on the objective.
0911 - Objective is secure.
1445 - Saber elements receiving fire.
1516 - Mustang Delta has one KIA.
1520 - Saber elements received RPG, one vehicle hit, pulling back to bring Arty on objective.
1530 - Saber 6 requests dustoff for 2 WIA, 1 KIA at XT736000.
1535 - Dustoff 158, ETA 10-15 mins.
1540 - Saber 6, put Arty onto "T" in the road.
1605 - Diamond Head 30 has completed his run expending ordnance, is returning to Cu Chi.
1607 - Pulling back to let air strike come in from N to S while breaking E.
1620 - SA has 1 VC BC, individual armed with AK47 and in civilian clothes.
1655 - Saber elements on move to objective are.  Air Strike completed.
1717 - SA elements in heavy contact, received small arms, AW & RPG fire at PL Gold. - SSG David Layman Ray KIA.
1718 - Request dustoff at 737000.
1735 - Dustoff complete.
note:  Page 4 of journal missing
2301 - SA located from PO O: right .6, down 2.6
Mar 7
0003 - SA SITREP: No change. Negative results on movement on perimeter.
0351 - Mortar attack on Cu Chi Base Camp at 0305 hrs.  Negative damage to Saber areas.
0550 - C30 SP with two Class 1 trucks for SA & SB.
0745 - Saber elements will be moving from S to N, LD at 0800 hrs. Arty prep requested, denied, will be on call.
0835 - Saber elements at the LD.
1055 - Saber elements sweep almost complete, still blowing bunkers.
1238 - SA located 40 bunkers 3x4' with overhead cover.  8 bunkers 8x5' with overhead cover.  Will destroy & proceed
1445 - SA moving back to CP location.
1540 - SA closing back to CP.
1550 - Message from Flex 33, Saber elements be ready to be a reaction force for Flame.  Company size ambush vic
          XT749000.  Freq is 61.05.  Saber elements have Thunderbird mission tonight.
1900 - SA listening post is at XT713032.
2028 - SA LP departed AA.
2210 - SA SITREP: No change.
Mar 8
SUMMARY - From Operation Saratoga AAR: Troop B and B Co. 2-12 Inf. Captured 8 detainees and destroyed 12 bunkers and 12 spider holes while on search and destroy vic XT(illegible).  CP (illegible) at (illegible) received 5 rounds (illegible) mortar, returned fire with (illegible) and arty, resulting in 3 US WHA.
0043 - SA SITREP: No change.
0613 - SA stand-to complete. LP returned to AA.
1130 - SA informed that clearance has been grated to test fire up to .50 cal on azimuth of 270/315 from grid 712030.
1615 - SA ambush patrol will be at XT706032.
1805 - SA AP confirmed to be at XT706032.
2238 - Flex 33 informs that Saber is the Thunderbird alert for tonight.
2357- SA SITREP: No change.
Mar 9
SUMMARY - From Operation Saratoga AAR: Troop A and 3/22? Inf captured 1 AK 47, documents and a motor bike, they also destroyed 12 rocket positions vic XS736985.
0055 - SA65 SITREP: no change.
0315 - SA element informed that SC personnel observed flash which would put the location of the flash between
          AP & perimeter.
0612 - SA stand-to complete.
0620 - SA AP in perimeter.
0715 - SA lead is clear the AA.
0719 - SA informed that Flame element will be on Saber push.
0724 - SA trail elements cleared AA.
0727 - SA status: 4 tanks, 17 APCs, 89 EM, 6 Officers.
0750 - SA picking up Flame Delta.
0905 - SA & Flame D are at Lincoln.
0918 - SA at CP L.
0932 - A20, A20, & A6 from Point of Origin D: right 2.3, up 1.3.
0944 - SA 30 from PO Delta: right 1.7, up .6.
1055 - SA element at PO D: right 2.1 up 1.4.
1140 - SA located documents XT743019 consisting of diary, VC type assorted papers, map of Cholon area of Saigon,
          1 RPG-2 rd/w booster.
1155 - SA located trench line, L type with several spider holes, 1 canteen, & 1 radio handset.
1200 - Change squelch to "new on".
1220 - SA from PO D, right 2 & up .8.
1236 - SA PL Patton holding for chow.
1250 - SA destroyed 35 BUNKERS 2X3X3', they appear to have been swept earlier.
1320 - All Saber elements located from PO D; right 2.4 up .2.
1402 - SA sweeping south.
1416 - SA located from PO D; right 2.1 down .7.
1515 - SA has started move.
2353 - SA SITREP: negative.
Mar 10
SUMMARY - From Operation Saratoga AAR:Troop A while on search and destroy vic XS7099 captured 4 detainees and destroyed 4 individual firing positions, also destroyed were 3 bunkers and 20 sleeping positions. Operation SARATOGA terminated.  The Squadron remained in area OPCON to the 3rd Bde 25th Infantry Division.  Results: a. Friendly:
(1) 760 personnel participated in operation. (2) Casualties: 57 KHA, 253 WHA (3) Vehicles
Total Damaged Total Repaired Total Combat Loss
Tanks    10                   6                             4
M113s    22                  14                            8
UH-15    3                    2                             1
OH-23    1                    1                             0
b. Enemy:
(1)  Enemy Losses:  741 VC KIA (BC), 21 VC KIA (POSS) (2)  Captured:  27 AK 47, 4 pistols, 7 machine guns 4 RPG launchers, 19 lbs documents, 2 M-16, 2 radios, and 1 motor bike. (3)  Destroyed:  620 bunkers, 13 rocket firing positions, 272 RGP rounds, 6 tunnels, 12 anti-aircraft positions, 380 lbs CKC-C4, 8 gas masks, 22 grenades, 7 RPG weapons. (4)  ERI:  Received SA 37 times, AW 23 times, 3 grenade attacks, 2 mortar attacks, detonated 5 AT mines
1 AP mine, 32 VC POW's and 36 detainees. (5)  FRI: Engaged enemy 21 times without being fired on first

Apr 1
0052 - A Trp has a negative SITREP.
0730 - A Trp will take a dozer with them today.
0745 - A Trp sweep North & South started.
0800 - SA65 SPOTREP: LA A20; LB 4 roadblocks; LC XT496235; LD 2' high width of road; LE cleared.
0810 - SA65 reports a 2nd roadblock, found 2 60mm rounds, will blow in place.
0850 - SA65 rpts 2 more roadblocks, 1st one cleared, 2nd resulted in secondary explosion at XT496235.
0855 - SA65 rpts SA10 is at CP31.
0927 - SA6 rpts that sweep found roadblock at XT505194, has a wire in it.  Checking it out.
0943 - SPOTREP: LA A20; LB roadblock; LC XT500246; LD 2 rds of 60mm; LE continuing mission.
1018 - A Trp at bridge at XT508260, A10 is at CP B.  A6 wants coordination made with 4/23 Mech to turn-over the
          Engineer element.
1040 - A10 is at CP 21.
1059 - A Trp is at XT513262.
1325 - A10 departed Cu Chi for this location, CP22.
1332 - A30 departing for NE part of perimeter.
1343 - A10 at CP 21.
1350 - A10 at CP 28.
1400 - A10 at CP 8.
1417 - A10 is at CP31.
1420 - A30 is returning to the perimeter.
1432 - A10 & A20 inside AA.  A30 enroute to CP.
1507 - A10 closing AA.
1812 - A30 departing AA.
2045 - A30 is in position.
2104 - SA LP departed at 2040 hrs.  In position at 2050 hrs.
2140 - SA 6 reports that SA30 has movement to the north of his position.  Just spotted it, will keep informed.
2143 - SA 6 reports movement is 50 to 75 meters from A30 elements.  SA 6 requests recon by fire with M16 & M79.
          Permission granted.
2207 - SA 6 reports that A30 is sending out dismounted force to check out area.
2223 - SA 6 reports that A30 checked area of recon by fire.  Negative results.  Found area where grass looks like
          someone may have been through it.
2259 - SA 30 moved 150 meters down the road to the south.
2356 - SITREP: no change.

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